Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Sauer Family- Littleton Family Photography

This image is one of my favorites.  I know that seems strange as this is 
not the typical picture but I love the lighting and the fact that the brothers 
are cuddling.  Can you feel the love?

I love this family and I am so glad that I was able to photograph 
them again.  Lisa, I LOVE your shirt.  I want one!

Usually 18 months is, in my opinion, the hardest age to photograph.

Not for Ty.  What an awesome change of pace!  Ty was a little shy at first. 
 Remember his one year pictures?  He kept putting his hand up by his eye.  
He still does it.  Adorable. 

But once he got comfortable with me again he pulled out all of the 
stops and was giving me all kinds of smiles.

Big brother Evan was a joy as well.  
He loved running around and picking up leaves.

He obviously loves his brother.
They were so cute together.

Sauers, I loved spending time with you!  
Enjoy this precious time of life.

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