Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Fryer Family- Littleton Family Photography

I loved meeting Jami, Nate and their boys!

Aren't they just adorable?

This year I upped my game and revamped my session guide that I send out 
to clients before their family shoot.  It has tons of information about 
what to wear, how to prep your kids (and husband) for the session, what to bring 
with you and all sorts of other nuggets of information. 

After receiving my session guide I loved what Jami had to say: "I love your guide.  
Very helpful.  Last time we had pics taken, I spent more time on my kids 
and not on myself.  My blonde boys (2 and 4)  are already gorgeous...
they don't need the extra help.  I'll make myself the center this time.  
I should anyway - only female in this house.  :)  Gotta love being a boymom".  
Hit the nail on the head, Jami!!

That is one of the tips in my guide.  Moms (or should I say, women) are most
 critical of themselves.  So always choose YOUR outfit first.  
Make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in what you are wearing and 
then find complimenting outfits for your family.  I promise that you will love 
the pictures so much more if you feel beautiful and 
comfortable in what you are wearing.

Jami did well.  Doesn't she look gorgeous in this bright blue shirt!?

And I see what she means about the boys.  They are absolutely adorable. 

This picture is one of my favorites.

Oh My.  The little red glasses.  I can hardly contain myself.  

This one is not camera shy AT ALL.  Such a ham.  I loved it!

And this little guy.  So sweet, smiley and happy!

These boys are explorers.  They just wanted to play in the water. 
 I am surprised that neither of them ended up in the water.  
They wanted to get as close as possible.

Nate is seriously putting out the vibe.  And Jami is picking up on it!

Doesn't every mom just want this picture?  I want one like this with my kids! 

We had a blast playing and laughing. 
 I am so happy that I got to meet this sweet family.

Sibling pictures are my favorite!

Thanks Fryer family.  Enjoy this crazy, but fun time of life. 
 It goes so fast!

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