Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Welcome Alexis

What happens when you add a sweet little girl to a family that already has 2 adorable little boys?  Cuteness abounds!

I am so happy for this family of five!  Their boys are so full of energy, joy and are 100% boys.  
They are rough and tumble (in a good way) and sweet and tender just like little boys should be!

I wanna be like you

Dillon just graduated kindergarten and was 100% in love with my camera.  
He followed me around striking poses and hogging the camera.  I loved it.

Cole was 100% the opposite.  He liked to play the game of let's run away from the camera.  
One and a half year olds don't tend to love the camera.  
They are too busy exploring the world around them.  
But I still managed to get him to sit still for a few pictures.
Catch me if you can....
He wasn't as excited to sit and pose with his family or his baby sister however.  
But it is a stage of life!

Dillion, however, was more than happy to sit with his sister and take pictures.

Isn't Alexis such a doll?  Usually I do newborn pictures in the first few weeks of life, 
so it was nice to have a baby that was a bit older and 
wanted to show me her pretty little eyes.

Hopefully she will grow up to be as beautiful as her momma.

I love the unintentional photo bomb in the back of this picture.  
The boys were playing in their little secret hideaway.

 I love this family.  They are adorable and full of life and joy.  
Enjoy this time!  It is chaotic, crazy and makes you want to pull your hair out at times,  
but it is also full of tiny snuggles, wonder and love.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Sneak Peek: Adley

I have been photographing this little gal since she was born.  
I can hardly believe that she is 2 already.

Cuteness aside...this sweet girl was so much fun to photograph.  
She was playful, fun and ready to smile for the camera.  I LOVE that!  
And it is hard to come by with 2 year olds...usually.  

The best part about this session....their growing family.  I am so happy that they are going to be welcoming another baby to their family later this year.  This new baby is SO lucky to be a part of this beautiful and amazing family.  These guys have got the parenting thing down.

Don't you think that Hollie makes a really cute pregnant lady?

The sunglasses.....oh my goodness.  Adorable.

So much personality.

I can't wait to meet the newest member of your sweet little family.  
Until then....keep up the good work and enjoy 
the simplicity and fun of one child!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Take Better Photos

Are you always struggling with wanting to take better pictures?  Do you look at pictures that others post on Instagram and Facebook and wish you could take pictures like that?

You are not alone.  I even struggle with that and I am a professional photographer.

However, here a few tips that will help you on your journey to taking better pictures.  
Big thanks to my niece, Adah, who was my model for these pictures.
1.  This one seems like a no-brainer but I can't believe how many pictures I see on Facebook and Instagram that have this problem so it must be addressed.  Whether you are taking pictures on your phone, a point and shoot camera or a nicer camera......make sure your pictures are in focus.  Take an extra 10 seconds to make sure that you focus on your subject and not the background behind them.  Usually there is a box that shows you what you are focusing on.  Just make sure that box is around the face of your subject.  If you are using an iPhone, just tap the middle of the face you are focusing on, a yellow box will appear and it will show you what it is focusing on.

Terribly lit, blurry iPhone picture of my youngest (the only one close by when I was writing this blog).  Also, pay no attention to the crap on the stairs.  Just keeping it real people.

Still terrible lighting but now it has the yellow box that shows that his face is in focus.  Also, he is NOT naked.  He was just getting ready for bed and only had his pj bottoms on.  And yes...he has a Gator Swim Team tattoo on his shoulder.  It's how we roll.

2.  GET CLOSER.  This is another big problem that I see is that people are too far away from their subject.  You want to be able to see the eye color of your subject.  Don't just use your zoom, but physically move closer to your subject.  That way you get better interaction with your subject as well.

Far away is nice when you are trying to show a full body, but let's face it.....most of time you want to be able to see their face and expressions.
Then I look about 10 steps forward and took this picture.  
Now you can see her pretty face!

3.  Don't "Say Cheese".  The subject tends to get a fake, staring bug-eyed, ugly smile.  Instead, tell them a joke, have them tell you a joke, use the word "fart" (works every time), play peek-a-boo with them, or do something else that would cause them to give you a cute and genuine smile.

Say "Cheese" Adah.

This time I told her a joke.  Why doesn't Tigger have many friends?  
Because he plays with Pooh.   
Here is her face the second I finished the punch line.

Then I took another one a few seconds later and got this picture.  So much better, right?

4.  If it is really sunny outside, always take your photos in the shade.  I can't tell you how often people have their subject looking into the sun and squinting.  Don't do it!  Either move to the shade (preferable) or have your subject turn their back to the sun so your camera is shooting into the sun.  Your camera can compensate for the sun glare.  Squinty eyes cannot.

Shadows on her face and dark circles under the eyes AND squinty eyes.  No thanks!

Turned her back to the sun and adjusted my camera settings a bit and.....much better.

Then moved into the shade and VIOLA.  
So.  Much.  Better.

5.  If you really want to see your pictures improve BUY A CAMERA!  I think it is sad that many people don't even own a camera.  Even if it is a little point and shoot, it is still better than just your phone.  Phones are great for quick, spur of the moment events, but if you really want to capture beautiful scenery on your vacation, or get great pictures of your kids' birthday party you need to have a camera.   

See how cute my little model looks? 

And just like that, she goes from looking 9 to looking 16.  
Stop it girl.

If you do have a step up from a point and shoot camera.....YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE IT.  Auto only works so well.  You are smarter than your camera and your pictures can dramatically improve by learning how to use your camera settings.

If you want to learn about using your camera, take a class.  I have one coming on Sunday, July 12th from 1-5.  It includes lunch, a class about using your camera and more hints on how to take great pictures.  It also includes a photo shoot so you can practice your new skills.  It is only $100 so reserve your spot now!  Comment below or send me an email at

Want even more advise?  Perhaps I will do another few tips in a few days!  Let me know if you have any specific questions and I will try to answer them. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sneak Peek: Mila

Does anyone else feel like life is going at warp speed?  
It seems like yesterday that this little beauty was born.  How has it been 18 months?  
I love these side by side pictures of this mama 
loving on her girl 18 months ago and then now.
I tell you what.  18 month olds are a handful and they are exhausting.  
This is good birth control for me.  Too often I see the tiny babies and wish I had another one.  
Then I have a session like this one and it brings me back to reality.  
Don't get me wrong......Mila was ADORABLE and a sweet little thing, 
but she didn't ever sit still very long.  

She did, however, love my little gray rug.  
I brought it so she could sit on it and not get her pants dirty, but she saw it has her 
"mark" and was happy as a lark to sit on it (for 30 seconds or so).

For the second half of our session, they wanted to a 1950's theme. 
 LOVE IT!  I love when clients have a fun idea in mind that I can run with
 and something that is out of the ordinary. 
 Prepare for an overload of black and white pictures.  I couldn't help myself. 
 The theme just called for it.

We went to the Lakewood Heritage Center where they have a bunch of fun old buildings.  
It was a great backdrop for our 1950's session.  

The sunglasses.  I can't even.  She is so cute.  
She either wanted to hold them on (so they wouldn't fall off) or take them off completely. 
 Doesn't matter.... it was still adorable.

These two.  Aren't they so cute together?  Young.  In love. Great parents.  What more could I ask for?

I swoon over this last one.  So cute!

Thanks guys!  I had a ball hanging with you guys and trying to keep up with Mila.  
I bet you guys sleep really well at night.  She is an amazing combination of 
cuteness and energy (like all 18 month olds)!  
You guys make the cutest little family.
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