Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Kelly Family- Denver Family Photography

Happy last day of summer everyone!  It has been a great summer for me, but fall is my favorite season and I am ready to welcome it with open arms.

Why is fall my favorite season??  I love the crispness in the air, the first snowfall, soups and crockpot meals, the colors of the leaves and most of picture season!!!  

Another thing I love....this family.  Aren't they seriously one of the cutest families you have ever seen?  This sweet family is good friends with my sister-in-law and her family.  So I have been lucky enough to know them for YEARS.  Unfortunately, they live just far enough away that we don't see each other on a regular basis, but we always catch up with them at the Fillharts annual Christmas party, but as it is adults only I haven't seen the kids in a LONG time.

I can't believe how much they have all grown!

Look at this beautiful young lady.  I can't believe that she is a junior in high school.  I can't wait for senior pictures next summer!!

And this handsome young man.  Man.  This is a good looking kid!  He is such a boy and I love it.  He wanted to get in the river, climb trees and get into tricky spots for his pictures but he was invested and loved it which made my job a lot easier!

Somehow the youngest always captures your heart.  They are so sweet and little and know how to get their way (amiright?).

How could these kids not be cute.  Look at their mom and dad?  Married 20 years!!  Congratulations guys!

I don't get to photograph as many families with older kids as I do with younger kids.  I love working with the older kids.  They have such good ideas, are easy to make smile and sit still!

Dad....will you carry me so my feet don't get dirty??  Best dad award goes to Dave Kelly!

Look at these beautiful ladies.

Can you even believe how beautiful the light and grass are in these pictures?  They are some of my all-time favorites!

I loved catching up with these guys.  We had some good laughs and it was a fun session.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Madison- Littleton Senior Picture Photography

Prepare yourselves.  This young lady is one of the most beautiful young ladies I know.....both inside and out.

First of all, she comes from a wonderful family.  So she is already ahead of the curve!!!

But this young lady loves Jesus and serves Him with all of her heart.  

It is so inspiring.  

She is a senior in high school at Front Range Christian and works with the middle schoolers at our church mentoring and hanging out with them. 

She also plays keyboard and does music at the church here and there.  How cool is that?

I love seeing young people serving and helping out the local church.  It builds such great character and is so good for the person and the church.

Look at her gorgeous eyes!!

Maddie also has an interest in photography.  How cool is that?  I love it when young people share my passion!

Thank the fashion gods that flannel is back in style and the high-schoolers are embracing it!  It brings me back to the flannel/grunge days of my high school (although now they are much more flattering and have prettier colors).  At least I am in style again (for the moment).

She is so grounded and knows what she wants. I love that!

She just has a quiet confidence about her.  What an amazing quality to have at such a young age.  It will serve her well!

At the end of the session Maddie wanted to switch up her hair a bit.  It took her about 2 minutes to do this adorable braid/side pony tail combo.  I am so jealous!  I need to experiment more with my hair and learn how to do this.  Thank goodness for awesome moms who are there every step of the way and hold the mirror!

I love how changing her hair made the pictures look different.  What a great variety she has to choose from!

The lighting was amazing for these and I think they might be my favorite!

There were a TON of bees in these sunflowers and she was a little nervous, but she still rocked it and neither of us got stung!  Thank goodness.

Maddie really wants to go to CCU next fall so she wanted a few photos of her in her CCU swag.  As a CCU alumni, it made me proud!  

Good luck and keep up the good work during your senior year!  I hope it is amazingly wonderful and I hope that you land at CCU!!  You will love it there.

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