Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Berliner Family- Denver Family Photography

This fall I have been seeing a lot of double.

And I am loving it!

Jeff is a doctor at Craig Hospital and Jean is a physical therapist (working towards her doctorate- hello smarty pants parents).  I love my Craig hospital peeps!  They have all become like family to me and I am so thankful for all of them.  Keep telling your friends about me guys because the Craig hospital staff families are amazing and I want to meet more of you! 

I was a little nervous when I heard they were 18 month old twins.  Usually 18 months is the toughest age to photograph (in my experience).  

But these two were a dream.  They were a bit shy at first, but they warmed right up and we got some great pictures.

The playful, fun family pictures have been my emphasis this season and I love the emotional connection they show between the family members.  And I love that I am able to capture a little bit of Mama-love and Daddy-love. 

Can you believe all of that beautiful blonde hair???  Girls would kill for that hair but it is wasted on a little boy who could care less about his hair.  However it makes for cute pictures! 

Look at this sweet girl.  She is definitely a little lover and has the best facial expressions.  And George has found a new friend. 

We got them to sit still by giving them some fruit snacks and showing them the leaves.

These pictures are my favorite.  Aren't they so funny in their matching expressions?

Here brother....let me help you out.  Total girl!

I'm Popeye sailor man!

I loved meeting you Berliner family.  You guys are so lucky to have such a beautiful and loving family!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Ellis Family- Littleton Family Photography

This year has been amazing!  I have had the most amazing family sessions this fall.  And just when I thought I couldn't love a family session more...this one came along.

We are in small group at church with this amazing family and we have come to know and love them.

I couldn't help but take a million pictures of these dimpled kids.  I mean really....the dimples are to DIE for!

My husband calls Ava "the business".  She struts in the door to our house with her little belly hanging out front and owns the a good way.  I love this girl!!!  Guess what she was for Halloween?  Boo from Monsters Inc.  Wasn't that the perfect costume for her?  You should hear how she says "Mike Wisowski".....just like Boo in the movie.

And then there is sweet Noah.  He is ALL boy and spent more time trying to throw rocks and find sticks than anything else during our session.  I loved it. Boys are the best.  They are so rough and tumble always dirty but they are so sweet.

They are especially sweet with their mamas.  

The pictures of Valerie and Nate individually with their kids are some of my favorites.

You can tell that these two adore their kids and love being parents (most of the time, right!?).

This set made me laugh!  Ava had her finger in her nose and I pointed it out (after I snapped a picture of course) and the right picture shows everyone's reaction.  You can tell we had a good time together.

Aren't these two just stunning together?  See where the kids get their dimples? 

I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures.

Love you Ellis Family.  So glad we are friends and get to live life together!

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