Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Wilson Family- Littleton Family and Senior Photography

I love the diversity of my job.  In one week I did 3 year old twins and then senior and family pictures.  

This little park is my favorite.  I love the mountain feel of the park and the easily accessible river.  

It is perfect for fall pictures because it can sometimes be darker and the leaves and trees are spectacular.  

And this bridge is a favorite of mind.

Doing senior pictures and family pictures at the same time is perfect.  It is nice to document your last year as a family all living under one roof (sniff, sniff) and then you get the bonus of senior pictures too!  I think it also makes the senior more comfortable and they loosen up quicker.  You also tend to get more genuine smiles as the family is cracking jokes behind my camera.  I just LOVED this family.  They were so much fun and I didn't want our 90 minute session to end.

How cute is Emily?  Sometimes it is hard to be the younger sibling and watch the older one get to do everything first (yes, I am the youngest).  So it was fun to put the spotlight on her for a bit. 

Suzanne and Scott (who I really wanted to call Steve...and apparently he gets that a lot so we had some good laughs about that) were laid back, funny and easy to work with.  

Scott has even written some books so naturally we had to get a picture to go on the back of his books.  Can I get a signed copy Scott? 

Don't they just look like they have so much fun together?

After we did family pictures it was Garin's turn.  First of cool is that name?  Love it!

Garin's school has an exclusive contract with a portrait company (which shall remain nameless).  Which means that ALL the seniors have to have their picture taken with that company for the yearbook.  Meaning all of the pictures look the same and many people feel forced to go with this SUPER expensive company for pictures.  Doesn't that take the individuality out of senior pictures?  It also forces a monopoly.  I don't like it.  And neither did Suzanne.  So Garin had his quick free session with the company for his yearbook picture and then Suzanne booked me so they could get traditional senior pictures on their terms.  I LOVE it!

This kid is awesome.  Smart.  Funny.  Talented.  Driven.  You guys have done a good job!

Garin plays the trombone for his high school marching band and loves all things music.

He wants to go to school in Florida for Biotech.  It was cool to hear him talk all about it!

Most of the schools in Jefferson County have to have their pictures in by the middle of September so I don't usually get to do fall senior pictures.  I want more!!! 

Garin I hope your senior year is AMAZING and that Florida treats you well.  

I loved spending time with this little family and I hope to work with them again in the future.

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