Friday, November 11, 2016

The Ammon Family- Ken Caryl Family Photography

Oh my goodness.  It was REALLY hard to narrow down the pictures for this blog post.

 Do you see why??

Beautiful people make for beautiful pictures and this family is BEAUTIFUL.  However, the light was also perfect and the location can't be beat. 

They live up in Ken Caryl valley and wanted pictures in the neighbor that they live in and love.  So I was happy to get up in the valley and take a walk-about through this gorgeous area.  On my way out of the park I drove right by a deer staring me down from the sidewalk.  Such a beautiful setting that is still a bit "wild".

It is really fun to have an only child session!  Especially when that only child is older.  We are able to do so many poses and different areas and I feel like I was able to capture the true love of their family.  We even had some fun together!

We were even able to get some pictures of the family dog, Scout.

Little Aevry charmed me through and through and by the end we were fast friends.

He became my little buddy and has a future in photography.  I always let kids sit on my lap and take pictures.  It helps them to trust me and what kid doesn't love to push buttons?  Usually the pictures are blurry and mostly end up being pictures of the sky or trees, but Aevry actually took some really great this one!

I happened to see Aevry the next morning at church at he came right up to me and started chatting it up.  I LOVED it!

Jen is stunning, isn't she???

Can you feel the love??

Mamas and their babies.  My favorite.

The whole time I was editing these pictures I had a smile on my face and you can tell that these three are like the Three Amigos......full of love and laughter.

I simply loved hanging out with this family and I hope to work with them again in the future.

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