Monday, November 28, 2016

The Barnes Family- Littleton Family Photography

I love this spunky family!

They are so much fun to be with and I am thankful I have been taking their pictures since before Andrew was born.   I can't believe it has been that long.

Andrew was a little shy and didn't really want to look at my camera or take pictures.  

I still was a little sneaky and took a few covert pictures.

These brothers are so cute together.  Nathan is so good with his brother and even carried him around a little bit.

Katelyn is growing up so fast.  Isn't she a beauty?  I love that she posed herself for this picture.  She might just be a model someday!

Nathan LOVED the camera and was happy to pose in all sorts of spots for his pictures.  So easy and fun to be with this happy-go-lucky middle child!

Andrew.  This picture reminds me of Justin Bieber.  Perhaps it is the hoodie and the serious face, but it is still really cute.  It is tough to be 3 years old.

This sweet puppy is the newest addition to the Barnes family.  Have you seen a more beautiful dog in your life???  Seriously!! 

Andrew warmed up a bit while they were playing on the log and playing with the leaves.

At the very end, Julie pulled out the Nerds candy and Andrew pulled out the smiles.  Yeah!

Next year year.  You will be four and you will LOVE having your picture taken.  Right?!

Love you guys! 

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