Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Sneak Peek!

Prepare to be overloaded with pictures!  I love taking a family's pictures.  I love pictures of my family.  Unfortunately those two things don't go hand in hand.  Most of the time, I am not in the pictures (which most of the time, is fine).  However occasionally, I like to step out from behind the camera and be in front of it.  A big thanks to my sister who came along and used my big, scary camera to take some pictures of me with the family.  She did a great job!

 After we did some family pictures, I took the kids to a park across the street and had them play in the leaves!  (Photography secret reveal coming).  Get the kids play and let loose and you will get much better pictures than if you make them stand straight and say cheese.  I usually like to end sessions with "playtime" and often, those pictures end up being my favorites!  Try it with your family!

Oh Makai.  My guy.  He and I have the same personalities and that is really fun (I am sure we will fight about it later, but right now it is all good).  He is so smart and caring and he is a really hard worker.  He is always helping me and does it without complaining!  He is also growing like a weed and has now surpassed my size 7 shoes!  He is nine!
 My little JJ (although not so little anymore at age 4).  He is so fun!  I am trying really hard to enjoy all of the phases he is going through because he is my baby.  He is in preschool now and it is so fun to see him blossom into his own little person.  He is so cute!  He is also a kisser.  He loves to kiss!  It is so cute when he raises his lips to me.  I even caught him giving the little pumpkin he got at school a little smooch the other day.  Watch out ladies!

Tanner is the hardest to photograph!  He always has the funniest expressions.  I love that he is so playful...but it makes it hard to find a nice picture to hang on the wall!  He is such a funny kid and I love how much joy and fun he brings to my life.  These days he is even using all sorts of accents when he plays.  Cracks me up to hear him walking around with a British accent.

And my hubby.....what more could a girl ask for than this.

He loves to play with the boys and wrestle and teach them things that mom doesn't think that little boys should know (don't tell your mom I told you that).  It is so good for them to have a loving man in their lives to teach them how to be a man (and to fart on them sometimes)!  I love it!  Thanks honey for taking the brunt on this one.  He got pretty beat up in the process of this photo shoot.  I had the camera (which was a great excuse to not get pelted with leaves!).

Can we go home now?
 Happy Fall, Y'all.  Make sure you document your family because they grow up fast!  I still have slots available if anyone needs some family pictures taken!  Visit me at for more information!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The King Family

It was so nice to meet the King family last weekend.  She contacted me awhile ago because she loved her co-workers pictures that I had taken earlier this year.  It made me a little nervous when she said she wanted them to look "exactly like" the Fish's pictures.  I can't blame her.  I loved the way the Fish's pictures turned out too, but that was a tall order.  However, I think I like these pictures just as much or more!  Their little girls are so cute and fun loving.  Laura is beautiful in a classic and timeless way (meaning she will still be gorgeous when she is 80 while the rest of us are all wrinkly and saggy!).  Don't you think she looks like the beautiful Helen Hunt?  Anyway, it was lovely to meet this family and spend time together!  They really loved the animals and hope to maybe own a farm someday! 

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, King family!

For more pictures visit my Facebook page or my website. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 57's

Meet our awesome neighbors (the Hindes- hence the 57).  We are so lucky to have fun people living in our neighborhood.  We love to hang out in the yards and chat and let the kids play.  It has been so much fun hanging out and raising our families together!

It is such a privilege being able to take pictures of people I know and love.  It is fun to run back to the house when we are done and look through all of the pictures and ohhh and ahhhh over them (very few people get to see raw pictures before I edit them).

My favorite picture from last season was this one of their family.  I love how even the dogs look like they are smiling!

 We got some amazing ones again this year.  We decided to do pictures at 3:00.  At 2:30 it was raining pretty good, but we had faith and we persevered and at 3:00, the clouds moved out and the sun moved it.  It was meant to be.

I love how fun and sassy (good, fun sassy not snotty, talking back sassy) these girls are and I love that every time I go to take pictures of Andy and Kristin they still seem to be very much in love (and are so playful).  This family will capture heart!  And......we might just be related one day as their youngest is totally enamored with Makai (who happens love on her too).

It was really hard to pick which ones to put up, especially when I had over 90 edited ones to choose from.  Good luck trying to pick which ones to frame Kristin!

Thanks for being such a fun addition to our lives!  For more pictures of this beautiful family, check out my website or my Facebook page.