Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Head Noise

I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this post.  Actually, I am pretty sure that all women (on some level) can relate to how I am feeling.

We, as women, have to wear so many "hats" that we often feel inadequate (or at least I do).  We (I) think things like:

Am I a good mom?
Why can't I keep the house clean?
Why is the laundry NEVER done?
Do I spend enough time with my kids?
Am I a good wife?  Do I support my husband in the ways he needs?
Am I good at my job?
I wish I were skinnier!
Why am I so tired?
Am I a good friend?
So and so looks so put together, what is her secret?
How does _____ keep her house so clean?
What do I do with my kids, they are driving me crazy!?
I wish I was more motivated!
Did I say something wrong to......?
Am I involved enough at the kids' school?
Should I be doing more for the church?
I am constantly surrounded by people, yet I sometimes feel really lonely....

Do you ever have those conversations with yourself?  If not, I think you are an anomaly!  Why are we so worried about what other people think?

After compiling that list, you know what was missing?  The biggest piece of all.  What does God think of me?  You know what....that is the best part.  He loves me, no matter what.  Doesn't matter if my house is clean, or if my kids eat a super healthy meal (or hot dogs.....again) or if I didn't get my workout in today, he loves me and THAT is what I too often forget.  So, I challenge you to make a list of your daily head "noise" and then to remember what really matters.

Does God use the mighty, perfect people of the world?  Nope (cause they don't need Him)!  He chose the lowly shepherds, the smallest boy to become the king, the fisherman and the CRAZY BUSY STAY AT HOME (yet working 2 jobs) MOM!

At the end of the day, the kids are all alive and we made it through another day.  And the only thing we can boast in is what I make my kids say every day when they get out of the car to go to school.........

I am Lisa Lord and I am Great Through Jesus

Just had to add this because it makes me smile!

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