Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 57's

Meet our awesome neighbors (the Hindes- hence the 57).  We are so lucky to have fun people living in our neighborhood.  We love to hang out in the yards and chat and let the kids play.  It has been so much fun hanging out and raising our families together!

It is such a privilege being able to take pictures of people I know and love.  It is fun to run back to the house when we are done and look through all of the pictures and ohhh and ahhhh over them (very few people get to see raw pictures before I edit them).

My favorite picture from last season was this one of their family.  I love how even the dogs look like they are smiling!

 We got some amazing ones again this year.  We decided to do pictures at 3:00.  At 2:30 it was raining pretty good, but we had faith and we persevered and at 3:00, the clouds moved out and the sun moved it.  It was meant to be.

I love how fun and sassy (good, fun sassy not snotty, talking back sassy) these girls are and I love that every time I go to take pictures of Andy and Kristin they still seem to be very much in love (and are so playful).  This family will capture heart!  And......we might just be related one day as their youngest is totally enamored with Makai (who happens love on her too).

It was really hard to pick which ones to put up, especially when I had over 90 edited ones to choose from.  Good luck trying to pick which ones to frame Kristin!

Thanks for being such a fun addition to our lives!  For more pictures of this beautiful family, check out my website or my Facebook page.

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