Saturday, October 6, 2012

Luca- What a Character

Last weekend I FINALLY got this beautiful family behind my lens!  I have been wanting to take pictures of these guys for awhile now, but things have always gotten in the way.  But I am so glad that it worked out.  It was an absolutely beautiful day to take some fall pictures.

Little Luca is one of the cutest and smiliest (I realize that is not a word, but I like it) little guys.  However, when I pulled out the camera, he had other plans!  He was cracking me up.  I have never met a baby with such varied facial expressions.  I have added captions to the pictures based on what I think he was thinking in his little head.


I'm such a stinker!


I don't really like this picture thing.

I love my car, don't even think about taking it away from me.

I'll give you half of a smile


Are you done yet lady?

Of course, I got lots of other good ones, but these just made me smile and laugh. 

I love this next one.  Leo, you are one lucky guy to have these two looking so adoringly at you!

For more pictures, check out my website here or my facebook page here.  Enjoy this wonderfully gloomy afternoon!

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