Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sneak Peek: Landon

Okay, last one for awhile.  I promise.  I am under the gun and trying to get all of my work done before we leave on vacation TOMORROW!  I haven't packed a thing (or even made a packing list yet which VERY strange).  I just didn't want these families to have to wait an extra week to get their pictures.

Especially this family.  They are wanting to get Christmas cards out at the beginning of December (I am seriously impressed).  And people, I hate to tell you this...but December is sneaking up on us quickly.

Landon was one of my first "Baby's First Year" babies.  It has been a joy to see him three times this year and see how much he has changed.  I was shocked when we got together on Sunday.  He looks like a little man now.  I love all of his hair and his cute expressions.

They really wanted Christmasy looking pictures, but that proved to be hard 10 days before Thanksgiving in a thus far mild winter.  No snow, no decorations....disappointing.  But we made do!  Thankfully they were dressed festively and that is 3/4 of the battle!
I just love the expression on Landon's face when we plopped him down in front of this blue wall.
I titled this one "Blue Christmas"
I can't wait for our last session right around his first birthday.  Merry Christmas Landon (even if it is still 37 days away).

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sneak Peek: Sawyer

Ashley found me through a "What to Expect When You are Expecting" blog.  How cool is that?  I didn't even know that I had been given glowing reviews on that blog.  How exciting!

She contacted me from the hospital just after giving birth to her second baby.  She apologized for being so behind schedule!  I was thinking that she was pretty on top of things!  You are only behind when you contact me for newborn pictures when your baby is 4-6 weeks old.  And even then, we can still make newborn pictures work.  They are just a little trickier.

I got to meet Sawyer when he was only 6 days old.  I am pretty sure that is my youngest to date.  He was a sweet little thing and even though big brother had some pretty noisy toys (as all big brothers should have) he did remarkably well.  It took us awhile to get Sawyer to get into a deep sleep, but once he was was go time.  

 I got so many great pictures of this little guy.  Including using some props that I had been saving for awhile.  Somehow lately I have been doing a lot of little girls and I was excited to get my hands on a little boy again.  He was so good that he didn't even pee or poop on my or any of my blankets.  That is a miracle!

Don't you love this random flannel quilt I made?  Thanks Pinterest.  Also reversible with girl colors on the back!
Love this little bucket.  Especially because he baby #2.
I love being able to interact with the whole family when I am working with a newborn and I was won over by big brother, Dawson.  He wanted to show me all of his toys and was eager to chat with me.  I loved every minute!  I even saw some toys that my 5 year old would go crazy for (might even make it to the Christmas list).

Don't you love the one of him counting his brother's toes?
Thanks for inviting me into your lives Rieple family.  And for trusting me with your little men!  I enjoyed every minute.

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Sneak Peek: The McKelvey Family

I love this little family!  I have been lucky enough to take pictures of this family every six months for the last two years.  It has been such a joy to watch little Aidan grow up.  He is all boy and loves to run around (which can make for difficult pictures sometimes).  He is getting so chatty and smart and it was fun to hear him jabbering throughout our session.

18 months to 2 years old is the hardest time to get pictures (in my opinion).  The kids are on the go and don't want to stop and smile.  They are also hard to reason with and don't quite understand the concept of bribery.  Even though it is a hard age, if you follow them around long enough and have a few tricks up your sleeves you can still get some great don't shy away from having pictures done at this age.  You might not get as many "posed shots", but it is fun to have record of how busy they were and all of the cute and funny expressions they make.
Note: This is why I take so many pictures during a young family session.  Someone is always making a funny face, blinking or in this case making the "word up" sign.  Taking 3-4 shots ensures that I indeed get the "money shot".

Becky has also been one of my biggest cheerleaders and advocates.  She is always recommending me to her family and friends and she has really helped me grow my business.  So THANK YOU Becky!  I really appreciate all you have done for LiLo!  I can't wait to continue to watch Aidan grown and perhaps maybe someday meet even more little McKelveys.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sneak Peek: Baby Bell

Oh how I love babies.  I love that my job allows me to snuggle precious little babies.  This little gal was only 10 days old.  She was as sweet as can be and even smiled on command.

We have gotten to know this extended family through some of our neighbors.  They are very close family friends.  2 years ago Chris hooked up with these families to do the Wild West Relay: a 200 mile relay race from Ft. Collins to Steamboat Springs.  The last two years Chris (and I) have bonded with the Bell family.  So when it came time for the Bells to give Jeff and Melissa a baby gift for the upcoming birth of their baby, they reached out to me.  They got the new family a newborn photo session gift certificate.  What a wonderful gift!

So as soon as baby Lydia made her entrance, Jeff contacted me to come over to take pictures of their new precious gift.

She was AMAZING!  She was content to sleep right through the whole session.  She even smiled when I said "how about a little smile?".  So compliant.  I hope she continues to be mellow and sweet.

Jeff and Melissa were also perfect.  They were so laid back and loving with their little girl.  And Melissa even had some hand crocheted head bands and hats that she had made.  I love personal touches during a photo session, especially with newborns!  We had so much fun snuggling with Lydia and getting some great pictures.  They are also lucky enough to both be off of work until after the new year.  That is a gift in and of itself.  What a wonderful way to bring your baby into the world!

Thanks for having me Bell family.  Enjoy your little sweetie!  And thanks to the extended Bells for thinking of such a wonderful gift!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sneak Peek: Carlson Family

I did pictures of this family 2 years ago.  It is so fun to have repeat customers and see how much the little kiddos grow in 2 years.

Sara lost her dad in May of this year and wondered if I could come out to Franktown to her childhood home to do pictures before they sell it.  Way to tug at the heart strings!  Of course I drove out to Franktown.  It was a beautiful drive and when I pulled up there was a huge herd of deer on their property.  Of course we had to watch for deer droppings as we walked around doing pictures, but that's what you get with 10 acres in Franktown.

You can tell that kids love this place.  They had a great time running around and playing at Mimi's house!  I can see why Sara is sad that she is selling it.  I will be so sad the day my parents sell our childhood home.

The other cool "prop" we used was the old red truck.  Sara's dad bought the truck near the end of his life and was only able to drive it once before he passed away.  Shawn was a little nervous that the truck wouldn't start (it hadn't been driven since June).  He said it didn't even turn over until Cameron hopped in.  Then it started right up.  It just need a grandson in the front seat.

Just at the end of our time together, I asked if Mimi wanted a few pictures in the truck.  She teared up a bit (which made me tear up a little bit) and said "I would really like that".  So she hopped in the cab of her man's truck and I snapped a few pictures.  I gotta be honest.  This picture is one of my favorite of all time.  Perhaps I am still feeling a bit misty about the whole thing, but I love the way she looks in this truck and the feeling of the story behind the truck.  Isn't that a lot of what makes a good picture?  The story?

Here are a few others of her with the old red truck.

While we were taking pictures she was taunting us saying that she was about to go in and make home made biscuits dripping with butter.  I am not going to lie.  I was really tempted to cancel my next photo shoot and stick around for that.  There is nothing like a southern woman's home made biscuits.

Sara and Shawn, it was so fun to take a glimpse into your life and capture some beautiful memories for your family.

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Attitude of Gratitude (and a Sneak Peek)

I have been looking forward to writing this blog post for awhile now.

I am grateful for the Concilio Family.  They are awesome.  I have known them now for about 6 years but I have come to appreciate and love them even more in the last 6 months.  A few months ago, I was looking for a running partner.  Someone to help keep me accountable and get my crack out of the sack in the mornings to get some exercise done.  I mentioned it to Erica and she was excited about it.  So about 6 months ago we started meeting at 6 am and walking/running (okay mostly walking, but we walk pretty fast).  It is so nice to have someone to share struggles, triumphs and swap stories.  We encourage each other, let one another vent and give helpful advise to each other.  Everyone needs a walking partner.  Some weeks we walk 3 times together, some weeks we only meet once (or not at all) but more often than not, if you are in our neck of the woods around 6 am, you will see us plugging along.   I may not like getting out of bed at 5:45 in the morning, but I do look forward to our time together.

A few weeks ago while we were walking Erica challenged my thinking.  I was lamenting about how "busy" I was.  She explained how she had been challenged not to use the word "busy".  Whenever someone would ask how she was doing and she used the word "busy" it wasn't kind to the person she was talking to.  It was almost as if she was saying she was too busy for them.  GUILTY.  So often in the last few months when someone would ask me how I was doing, I would say "busy".  She was right.  We are all busy.  But it is almost a state of mind.  The last few weeks (even though I have never been more busy) I have tried not to tell people how busy I am.  I am so blessed to have so many things and to have such a full life.  It has changed my whole view.  By forcing myself not to tell everyone how "busy" my life it, it feels a little less overwhelming.  And hopefully, the people I am talking to feel important and that I am not too busy for them.  It has been a challenge and I have had to re-prioritize my thinking and my schedule.  It has forced me to say yes to people a little more and make them feel like a priority and not a burden!  So thanks Erica!

Not only is Erica amazing, but her kids are darling.

Her husband is also pretty cool and does a lot for our church, which we really appreciate!

 Erica is also pretty inspiring because she chose to turn down a "safe" corporate job so that she can stay home with her kids and grow her home business of Arbonne.  What a leap of faith!  This also means that I have a personal Arbonne consultant.  And the best part....I got some Arbonne products that I was out of in return for family pictures.  I love a good barter.  If you are interested in a barter for your family pictures, just ask!  And if you need some wonderful facial (and other) products, then contact Erica.  She will hook you up with a party (and probably some free products for hosting).
Thanks for your love, friendship and service Concilios!  For more pictures of this family, visit my website or my Facebook page.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Evans Family

I met this family last week for a fun family shoot.  I had never met them before and they got my name from someone I don't even know.  How cool is that!  I am so thankful that my business is growing and becoming even more successful.

This family was one of the easiest I have worked with this year.  The girls were super sweet and very cooperative (thanks to some good parenting/bribery ahead of time).  We were "done" with all of the must have shots after about 40 minutes, so we just played around after that and I got some really good ones at the end when everyone was relaxed and having fun.

My only downfall with this session is that I kept calling their oldest daughter by the wrong name.  Her name is Kaylee and I kept calling her Kylie.  Oops (I probably just added insult to injury by spelling it wrong too).  She kept quiet at the beginning and then finally started correcting me (which is good because otherwise I would have called her the wrong name the entire session).  Hopefully she will forgive me when she sees her beautiful face in the pictures!  Their other daughter's name was much easier to remember: Ireland.  How awesome is that name?  Love it!

Jen, it was so nice to meet you and your wonderful family.  Maybe next time I will forget Ireland's name instead just so she doesn't feel left out!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneak Peek: Snyder Boys

So thankful for this family (perhaps this can be Attitude of Gratitude: Day 13 because I am way behind)!  Not only are they the glue of Tanner's baseball team, they are good friends and kindred spirits.  They would do anything for you and Amy has always been one of the biggest cheerleaders for my business.  I really appreciate that.  She almost exclusively calls me LiLo (one of the few) and I LOVE it.  She is always spreading my name around and referring me to her friends (and even the random lady at Children's Place while shopping for clothes for pictures).  Thanks Amy.  You make a great cheerleader!

I love these boys.  I have a soft spot for cute little red heads.  These boys have the color of hair that ladies KILL for (and spend thousands of dollars to try to get).  It is a beautiful rusty color.

Once again, childhood strikes again and the night before the pictures Jackson got a rug burn on the bridge of his nose.  LiLo to the rescue.  I had to retouch every single picture, but it is worth it for this family!

I had a great time tagging along with these boys and catching their cute little faces.  Next time I will get Bill and Amy behind the lens, but this year it was fun to focus on the boys.

Love you guys and we are so thankful for you!

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Sneak Peek: The O'Neill Family

We are lucky enough to have these guys as neighbors.  I have loved watching these kids get bigger and grow!

It is inevitable, whenever you are going to have pictures taken of your kids.....that is when they will scrape their head, get a black eye or break a bone.  Never fails.

Last year, Kaden ended up with a black eye.

Before and After Editing

This was Layla's turn.  Thankfully, I know these guys.  And I know they don't give their kids black eyes on purpose!

Luckily, her swollen eye isn't that noticeable.  Poor thing.

So parents, don't worry too much.  My photoshop skills are pretty good and even if they aren't, years from now, you will remember what it is like to have little children and how it is a miracle that they make it through life at all!

We still had a good time (cold, but good) downtown.  Layla didn't really want to smile very much, but when you are 2 years old, that is your prerogative!  This little family is still a treat to hang out and live life with.  Thanks for making it fun for me (and for the Starbucks when we were done).

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Bane Family

I love when I get to work with family members.  This one might be a bit of a stretch, but they are family nonetheless.  Troy is my brother-in-law's step brother.  How is that for crystal clear?

No matter.  They are a great family and I have know them for a long time.  I can't believe that their oldest is getting married in January.  Feeling old.  Sally got a hold of me and asked me to do one last family shoot before they add a new son in law.  I was happy to oblige.  After we figured out a date (much trickier when you have teenagers who are working and have their own lives and schedules) we headed out to one of Troy's coworker's house.  As I was driving toward the property I thought I had died and gone to photographer heaven.  Picture long dirt driveway with huge, beautiful, trees with leaves bursting with color.  The rest of the property was full of old tools, sheds, fences and tons of other interesting places to shoot.  The only downfall was that it is private property and I can't shoot there again unless I get to know the owner!

We almost had to cancel because it was really cold and misting most of the afternoon.  But, with the difficulty of getting everyone's schedule to mesh, we kept our session time.  It was meant to be.  The lighting was perfect and the rain/mist stopped just long enough for us to get these pictures done.  As soon as we were done and I got back in the car the rain started up again.  We couldn't have timed it better!

I am so used to young families with little kids that I have to entertain with a song and dance (literally sometimes) to get them to laugh and smile.  It was nice to have a family with older kids.  They were very happy to oblige and look at my camera and smile.  Easy peasy and relatively painless.  After we were done Sally remarked that it was easy and FUN!  What a great compliment as that is my goal:  Fun and easy family pictures.

This session made Sally so happy.  Men, take note.  Want to make your wife really happy?  Schedule a family portrait session.  They will be so happy and thankful that you are thoughtful and on board with getting pictures done (instead of dragging your feet and showing your dislike of having your picture taken).

Enjoy your last few months as a family of 5 Banes!  It is a pleasure to know you and be related (however distantly) to you.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Barnes Family

Here we go again!  I love that I get to take so many pictures of this family.  It has been so fun to watch them grow and change.  And now we have a groove.  The kids know me and what they are supposed to do.  It is nice.  It was fun to head out on a beautiful Colorado day and get some family pictures.  Little Andrew wasn't really into smiling for the group shots.  He just wanted to eat all of the dried leaves all over the ground.  I guess that is what you do when you are an 8 month old little boy.  You can also tell that he is child #3 because there was no great alarm in the fact that he was eating said leaves.  Granted, we tried to get him NOT to eat the leaves....but it proved to be a difficult task.  And in the end, he would at least look at the camera (as opposed to crying if the leaves were taken away) if there was a leaf in hand/mouth.

I love how the boys in this family look just like their dad, and Katelyn looks just like her mom.  Just as it should be!  Can you believe how blue her eyes are?  And how brown Nathan's are?  I am still trying to figure out Andrew's eyes.  They are pretty dark, but look like they might turn a little hazel.

At the VERY end, Andrew pulled out all the stops and decided to be extra cute and smiley and even show me his two bottom teeth (my favorite!).

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gratitude: Day 6 (Book Review)

Day 6:

Today I am grateful for education.  All I wanted to be when I grew up (other than a mom) was a teacher.  My sister and I (and our friends) spent HOURS playing school.  My love for school started when I was young.  I loved to learn (and boss teach).  I had wonderful teachers in elementary school who fostered and nurtured my love for school and for learning.  One of my favorite teachers was my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Pyle.  He also started my love for social studies which is what I eventually got my college degree in.  We worked on and entered a map contest and spent HOURS and days and time after school perfecting that map.  We ended up winning the contest and got to meet the Superintendent and had a special ceremony.  I was the group leader and I LOVED participating and creating this map.  I still love maps and think it traces back to my sixth grade year.

The other thing I loved about Mr. Pyle was that he read aloud to us after recess every day.  One of the books he introduced to us was an autobiography by a local author who lived very close to where we went to school at the turn of the century.  Mr. Pyle read with such emotion and I will never forget a particularly touching scene in the book that brought him to tears in front of his whole class.  What a way to show the growing youngsters in his class what a true man is made of!

Since my time in 6th grade I have read this book over and over and it is one of my favorites.  My favorite thing about the book is the way the little boy in the book talks about and reveres his father.  His father speaks such wisdom and much of the book teaches life lessons and how to build good character.

This summer I did the adult reading program through the Jeffco Libraries and one of the Bingo Squares you had to complete was to read a book written by a local author.  I remembered this book and decided to dust it off and read it again.  The only problem was that it was checked out!  So, I read his next book (Man of the Family) and LOVED it just as much or more as the original.  When the book finally made it back to the shelf I checked it out and decided that it was time to introduce the Lord boys to this literary gem.  Much of it is over their heads and they have a hard time picturing all of the farming equipment he describes (to be honest I have a hard time too, but it still so rich with other stuff that it doesn't really matter).  I have already gotten emotional in the book several times (it means so much more that I have children of  my own- no wonder why Mr. Pyle got emotional).

In the book, Ralph (the author) is 8 years old.  His family has moved from the east coast to Colorado to become ranchers.  The book is about their struggles, triumphs and stories.  My favorite chapter in the book is called "My Character House".  In this particular chapter, Ralph wants to haul up some rail road ties from a gulch near their house.  His father had mentioned he could help haul the ties when they got a new horse. So the day after they got the new horse, he fibbed and told his mom that Father said he could haul the ties by himself. She was surprised, but let him do it (reminder: this kid is 8 years old and was going to use an unknown horse to haul a huge railroad tie out of a gulch).  When he failed (and got mildly injured) to get the tie out of the gulch before dark, he went home to confess to his mother.  She makes him stand in the corner (missing dinner) until his father gets home.  Here is the interchange between Ralph and his father when Father returned home.

Hard as Father could spank, he never hurt me so much with his stick as he did when Mother stopped talking.  He cleared his throat and didn't make a sound for at least two full minutes.  When he spoke, his voice was deep and dry.  "Son, there is no question but what the thing you have done today deserves severe punishment.  You might have killed yourself or the horse, but much worse than that, you have injured your own character.  A man's character is like a house.  If he tears boards off his house and burns them to keep himself warm and comfortable, his house soon becomes a ruin.  If he tells lies to be able to do the things he shouldn't do but wants to, his character will soon become a ruin.  A man with a ruined character is a shame on the face of the earth."
He waited until his words had plenty of time to soak in, then he said, "I might give you a hard thrashing; if I did, you would possibly remember the thrashing longer than you would remember about the injury you have done to yourself.  I am not going to do it.  There were eighteen cross ties in the gulch yesterday, and the section foreman told me they were going to place twenty more.  Until you have dragged every one of those ties home, you will wear your Buster Brown suit (which had caused him to be bullied at school) to school, and I will not take you anywhere with me."
It was a half mile from the house to the gulch.  Father showed me how to hook onto the ties with a chain, and how to pull them up through the head of the gulch.  By getting up early, I dragged one tie home each morning and two after school.  With a half dozen on Saturdays, I had the job done in a couple of weeks.
The book is full of stories about accountability, honesty and how to be a good neighbor.  It has prompted so many good discussions at our house and the kids are always eager for me to read them a chapter before bed at night.

The book is Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers by Ralph Moody.  It is a quick, easy read and he has several other books if you like this one.  All of them are about his family and their life growing up in Colorado and around the country.

Another favorite quote from the book:

There are only two kinds of men in this world: Honest men and dishonest men.  Any man who says the world owes him a living is dishonest.  The same God that made you and me made this earth.  And He planned it so that it would only yield up its wealth in exchange for the labor of man.  Any man who tries to share in that wealth without contributing the work of his brain or his hands is dishonest.

Don't you just love the wisdome of this man, who probably had no higher than a 9th or 10th grade education?

I hope some of you check out this book (or series).
You can find it on Amazon (they even have it for your Kindle) or at your local library (although if you use the Columbine branch, you might have to wait for me to return my copy).  You might even be able to find it at your local book store (if you live in Colorado).

Happy reading!

For days 4 and 5 of Attitude of Gratitude hit the "older post" button or scroll down.

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 4 and 5

Four days in and I am already behind! (I wrote that yesterday).  Now I am even more behind!

Day 4:
I am so thankful for home movies.  The kids have been on a home video kick.  They are having a ball watching themselves when they were little and seeing all of the cute things they did and said.  It has also been fun for Chris and I to watch and remember all of the things we loved when they were little.  It is amazing all of the things that you never thought you would forget and in just a few short years, you forget.  For example, when Tanner was just starting to pull himself up on things, he would go over to the Leap Frog Table that we had.  It played music and had all sorts of toys and noises.  He LOVED it.  He would pull himself up on it and dance around.  Then we would say "shake a leg" and he would shake one leg really fast like a dog does when you scratch its belly.  So funny!  Totally forgot about that.  We rewound that and watched it over and over.  We also had a good laugh at a CBS program in which a 3 year old Makai yawned his way through it and his cousin had his hands down his pants.  It was good for the soul.  And a little convicting that we don't video nearly as much as we used to.  Time to pull it out and starting taking more videos before the kids are grown and gone.  Ugh!

Day 5:
Christmas coming!  I know.  Some of you are gritting your teeth at me right now.  I am usually one of those people.  I sigh and get cranky when I see Christmas stuff in the store even before Halloween is over.  In the past Christmas has been hard for me.  I have lost the joy of it.  It became too many things on my calendar and a cluttered house.  I started to hate putting up our Christmas stuff.  We have a pretty small house and it already feels cluttered with so much stuff that it almost made me feel claustrophobic when the Christmas decor came out.  As the mom of three little kids the season was exhausting.  This year is different.  The kids are in a much easier phase.  They don't have as much wonder, but the excitement and joy is catching!  It also helps that they can (and love to) help with the decorating (so it is not just one parent decorating while the other parent is trying to keep the kids occupied and out of the way).

I used to hate hearing Christmas music in the stores and grumble about it.  This year, I have found myself singing joyously along.  I also think that part of my Christmas season readiness is that we are going to DISNEY WORLD the week before Thanksgiving.  We started a countdown and when we started it was 69 days away.  Now we are 12 days away and I felt like all I did was blink.  Where did the other 57 days go?  So I know that the (close your eyes if this is going to stress you out) 47 days until Christmas is going to fly by.  47 days.  What?  That is all there is to enjoy the season? To decorate, buy toys, attend Christmas parties, get a tree, make cookies and treats, wrap, listen to Christmas music.  That is just a blink of an eye.  When we get home from DISNEY, it will be a mere 32 days.  Not much time to enjoy a season that requires so much prep work.  So today (and this year) I am thankful that I am able to start early and get going on celebrating the whole reason why I live and be thankful for the Gift God gave us so many years ago.  Shouldn't we be celebrating that every day anyway?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Fieselman Family

Elly (love that name) gave a call a few weeks ago and wanted family pictures.  Boom!  Within a few days her beautiful family was in front of my lens.  I love it when things come together that smoothly.

This is one great momma.  She has 4 kids under the age of 6 and makes it all look easy.  She also works from home.  I find it hard enough to work from home with one 5 year old around.  She does it with a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 4 month old.  Way to go Elly!  We had a nice chat about the benefits and frustrations of working from home and feeling like whenever you are at home you should be working or doing housework (so it feels more like a workplace than a home sometimes).  However, we both came to the conclusion that we are thankful and get to spend so much time with our kids, even when we are "working".

I must confess that I have spent a lot more time "with the kids" (read: attending Halloween parties, taking care of sick kids and driving them to appointments) than working lately, so sorry to my clients who are waiting for pictures.  I promise, I am back to working hard!

So feast your eyes on this family!  You all know that I have a weakness for boys and these boys are particularly cute.  Seriously.  Logan (who I wanted to call Landon the entire session, sorry buddy!) looks like he should be a model for Abercrombie and Fitch.  I mean if Abercrombie models actually wore any clothing.

Same picture, but I couldn't decide if I liked it in color or a moody black and white.

These two make some seriously cute little kids!

It was so much fun to work with this family.  I love how the boys wrestled their way through the session (glad that my boys aren't the only ones who do that).

Thanks for letting me capture this time in your life!  For more pictures of this family and others, visit my website or my Facebook page.