Thursday, November 7, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 4 and 5

Four days in and I am already behind! (I wrote that yesterday).  Now I am even more behind!

Day 4:
I am so thankful for home movies.  The kids have been on a home video kick.  They are having a ball watching themselves when they were little and seeing all of the cute things they did and said.  It has also been fun for Chris and I to watch and remember all of the things we loved when they were little.  It is amazing all of the things that you never thought you would forget and in just a few short years, you forget.  For example, when Tanner was just starting to pull himself up on things, he would go over to the Leap Frog Table that we had.  It played music and had all sorts of toys and noises.  He LOVED it.  He would pull himself up on it and dance around.  Then we would say "shake a leg" and he would shake one leg really fast like a dog does when you scratch its belly.  So funny!  Totally forgot about that.  We rewound that and watched it over and over.  We also had a good laugh at a CBS program in which a 3 year old Makai yawned his way through it and his cousin had his hands down his pants.  It was good for the soul.  And a little convicting that we don't video nearly as much as we used to.  Time to pull it out and starting taking more videos before the kids are grown and gone.  Ugh!

Day 5:
Christmas coming!  I know.  Some of you are gritting your teeth at me right now.  I am usually one of those people.  I sigh and get cranky when I see Christmas stuff in the store even before Halloween is over.  In the past Christmas has been hard for me.  I have lost the joy of it.  It became too many things on my calendar and a cluttered house.  I started to hate putting up our Christmas stuff.  We have a pretty small house and it already feels cluttered with so much stuff that it almost made me feel claustrophobic when the Christmas decor came out.  As the mom of three little kids the season was exhausting.  This year is different.  The kids are in a much easier phase.  They don't have as much wonder, but the excitement and joy is catching!  It also helps that they can (and love to) help with the decorating (so it is not just one parent decorating while the other parent is trying to keep the kids occupied and out of the way).

I used to hate hearing Christmas music in the stores and grumble about it.  This year, I have found myself singing joyously along.  I also think that part of my Christmas season readiness is that we are going to DISNEY WORLD the week before Thanksgiving.  We started a countdown and when we started it was 69 days away.  Now we are 12 days away and I felt like all I did was blink.  Where did the other 57 days go?  So I know that the (close your eyes if this is going to stress you out) 47 days until Christmas is going to fly by.  47 days.  What?  That is all there is to enjoy the season? To decorate, buy toys, attend Christmas parties, get a tree, make cookies and treats, wrap, listen to Christmas music.  That is just a blink of an eye.  When we get home from DISNEY, it will be a mere 32 days.  Not much time to enjoy a season that requires so much prep work.  So today (and this year) I am thankful that I am able to start early and get going on celebrating the whole reason why I live and be thankful for the Gift God gave us so many years ago.  Shouldn't we be celebrating that every day anyway?

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