Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Giri Family- Littleton Family Photography

I was so happy to meet up with this family again for the 4th year in a row!

This year I got to meet the newest member of the family, Lexi.

I am always a little bit nervous when people say they want to bring their puppy to a session.  Usually puppies are wild, crazy and make everything a little more difficult (especially if you are dealing with little kids and puppies). 

However, Lexi was a perfect angel and we got so many great pictures with her!  I swear that she was smiling for the camera.

Don't you think??

I am not much of a dog person (don't judge) as I have always been allergic to most dogs and they kind of make me miserable, but Lexi made me really want to get one!  And she is hypo-allergenic.

Okay enough about the cute and cuddly dog.  Let's talk about these girls. 

They are just about as sweet as can be.  I love their big brown eyes.  I think I could just take a swim in those molten pools of chocolate brown.

And these two are so cute together!  

Ken Caryl Valley is so beautiful and the lighting was perfect.  Good thing because we had to cancel once because of the rain and once because it was REALLY windy.  

But the third time really was the charm!

It was so good to see you guys!  I loved meeting Lexi and I can't wait for our session next year!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Roseman Family- Denver Extended Family Photographer

Sorry that I have been a little MIA.  It is busy season which means I am doing a ton of sessions and then editing those sessions with every spare minute!  However, you can see more of my candid moments on my Instastory on Instagram @lilo_photography.   But now it is time to get caught up on some blogging!  And there is no better way to start than with a family you love!

Now that I have been in business for over 5 years, I love the way I get to see the same families over and over.  And I get to watch them grow before my very eyes!

I was lucky enough to do newborn photos for this family when Dominic was born.  They are some of my favorite newborn pictures!  Especially because big brother Gabriel is so darn cute.  Click here if you want to see more from Dominic's newborn pictures from last year.

Now fast forward and Dominic is one.  How did that happen so quickly!?  

 And Gabriel is the sweetest little guy (even though I called him Dominic all day...geesh)

Here comes trouble!!


Isn't it funny how different these boys look.  Gabriel's eyes are the most beautiful chocolate color.

And Dominic has the brightest blue eyes!

 We had to reschedule the pictures because it was pouring rain when we were going to originally do them.  So glad the weather held the second time around and we even got some really pretty sunlight!

Dominic wasn't really interested in the letters once he found out he couldn't eat them! 

Brother pictures always have a special place in my heart.  Even though Dominic is only one...look how cute these two are together. 

After capturing this sweet little family, everyone changed and we headed nearby to a park and did some extended family pictures.

Because this was almost like a double get to see double the pictures.  Isn't that awesome?  Something else that is awesome.  These two.  I have loved watching their love grow over the years.

Sweet Aunt Jen.  The boys LOVE her.  Isn't it obvious?

Fun backstory.  Jen dabbles in photography too!  She took our family pictures a few times when my boys were little (in fact even before my youngest was born).  I love and cherish those pictures. Thanks Jen!  So glad I could return the favor and do some pictures for you.

This woman is amazing!  I have always looked up to her strength and love for the Lord.  What an inspiration.  And look at the beautiful family that she is surrounded by.

She adores these boys....and the feeling is completely mutual.  I loved watching this entire family interact.  Such love!!

Big thanks to the photographer that accidentally left this trunk behind!  The boys had so much fun in here and it made for adorable pictures.

So fun having a sister.  Especially one that you get to choose (sort choosing your husband you choose your extended family too).  I love that these two get along so well.

So fun how these three amigos have now become a big, happy family full of love!

These boys love their daddy.


As we were walking to the car, we spotted this tractor.  And what boy can resist a tractor?  Not these boys.  They wanted to climb all over it and it made for some of my favorite pictures of the whole day.  I love it when something magical comes out of a chance encounter.

There is nothing like a mama and her boy.

I loved catching up with you guys and you are a blessing to me!

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