Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Griffin Family- Denver Baby and Family Photographer

Want to see one of the happiest babies I have ever photographed?

Pair that amazing smile with a vintage pot and some tall columns and these make for some of my all-time favorite pictures!

Sweet little Josie is such a happy and smiley girl!  I follow her parents on social media and she is just darling ALL. THE. TIME!

 Look at these big blue eyes.

Family Pictures.  Oh how I love them.

Her face in this one!!!! 

I am so thankful I was able to work with Josh at D'Evelyn the last few years.  He has been such a great encouragement and supporter of my business.  Even though my business has now taken me away from working at D'Evelyn and he had to hire someone new to replace me.  Sorry Josh!

And then there is this beautiful woman!  Josh scored when it came to finding Fran.  She has such a beautiful and mellow soul and I have loved getting to know her.  
Look at what a sweet mama she is.

Clearly she is adored.

I loved our afternoon down at the courthouse in downtown Denver.  I have never shot down there but it is going to be on my list now!  Thanks for the suggestion guys!

You guys know how I feel about drool.  It is my favorite. Pair it with a big old grin and I am smitten!


And once more.....Santa hat for the win!  I wish every session was during the Christmas season and could have Santa hats.  I have loved using them on all the kids this year.  So much fun!  Who doesn't love a cute little girl in a Santa hat?

Thanks for your love and support Griffins.  I can't wait for our next shoot!  I bet Josie will look really cute with cake all over her face at a one year session.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

The Bowman Family- Denver Family Photographer

I am so thankful for new families and I love when they become a part of the LiLo family!

This cute little family was no exception!

Lyndsay found me through one of my favorite clients so I knew we would instantly connect, and we did.

Little Nathan is SO adorable! 

Can you feel the love and happiness in this picture??

Not only is he adorable but he is so well behaved.  He listened so well and was just the happiest little guy.  

It made getting pictures quick and easy and I think we finished the session in record time and I got so many great images!

He was more than happy to don the Santa hat and ham it up for the camera.  I mean...seriously.  Can you even handle this cuteness?? 

I think these on the stairs are some of my favorite!

 Look at these two peas in a pod!

How about these matching father/son shoes?  To die for!

Lyndsay and Travis, I am so glad you found me and I hope to work with you guys again in the future!

Friday, December 8, 2017

The McKelvey Family- Denver Family Photographer

Another day, another favorite family on the blog!

Seriously, I know I say that everyone is my favorite (that is because I have the most amazing LiLo clients), but these guys truly are some of my favorites.  I have known them and photographed them for over 6 years.  

They were some of my first clients and therefore will always have a special place in my heart.

Combine that with the fact that they have three boys just like me.  Match made in heaven!

We had a little breakdown after this cart fell about 2 seconds after I snapped this picture.  Thankfully the kids were all okay and thankfully mom and dad were standing right there.  But, woah...it gave me (and everyone else) a scare and I won't be using this cart again (even though I have used it a ton in the past with no problems).

I love these three boys!  They are all so different (well it is tough to say with Ethan, but Noah and Aidan are so different) in personality and looks.  

But one thing they have in common....they are all super cute!

Officially, these are Ethan's 4 month photos.

 Oh how I love the baby drool!!!

 I may (yes) have totally laid in goose poop to get this photo, but it was totally worth it, right??

But we had to add a family session on to this one.  Because.....why not!  When you have kids this cute it is hard to just showcase one of them, right?

And I just happened to have a Santa hat with me.  Isn't this the cutest Santa you have ever seen??

Ethan is the happiest boy and made my job SO easy!

I am so thankful for this family and I am grateful and excited that I get to see them again in a few months for Ethan's 8 month pictures!

I am sure he will be even cuter in 4 months, but this is hard to beat!

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