Monday, August 31, 2015

Caleb- Littleton Senior Pictures

I have been blessed this year to do senior pictures with such
 amazing young men and ladies.  Caleb was no exception.  
I love chatting with the moms as we are doing our session.  
Moms love to brag on their kids and I love getting personal information 
about each senior that I take pictures of.  It is harder to extract details 
from teenagers, especially ones I have just met and when I have a 
camera in front of my face.   These tidbits help form a better "picture"
 of the senior and therefore I am able to make my sessions 
(and the pictures that come later) more personal and fitting for each individual.

For example: Caleb goes to Front Range Christian 
High School (easy info to get out of a kid).

He is interested in joining the military and is trying to get 
into the ROTC program (thank Michelle for that tidbit).

He is an all American kind of guy.  His mom specifically asked 
for a flag in some of the pictures and he
 readily agreed (LOVE IT).

He loves hunting, fishing, being outdoors and America.  
What more can you ask for?

He is kind of a country boy.  And I kind of love that!

I have never shot in Morrison before.  There are so many unique and 
cool spots to discover there.  I am ready to head back anytime.  
I bet fall family pictures would be awesome there!

 I love that these look so classic, timeless and James Dean.

I have seen this wall display before and always wanted to shoot there.  
Now that I have found it, I will be going back!  
Perfect for a Colorado Senior!

I am so thankful for this family!  They took a chance on me when 
I was starting out and their daughter's wedding was the first wedding I ever did.  
So thankful that they have chosen me again for Caleb's Senior pictures.

Best of luck in your senior year Caleb!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cyester Family- Littleton Family Photography

This family.  So much beauty and love.

It was so nice to meet these ladies.  I love that Katie wanted to get 
pictures of all of her little chicks before they all left for college 
and while one daughter was in town for a visit.  

I also got a fun suprise that these two got engaged just a 
few days before our session.  Congratulations Hayden and Katie!  
We obviously had to sneak in a few engagement pictures. 
You guys make such a cute couple. 

You know what I loved the best? 
 At the very end of our time together the girls asked for a picture with just Hayden. 
 Awwww.  I love that they love him and are excited that he is going to be a
 part of their family and that he makes their mom happy.  
Makes my heart happy!

Chelsea brought along her special guy too. 
 Aren't they so cute together?

And the full group.

Did I mention that there was a lot of laughing and 
general frivolity?  So. much. fun.

These girls are absolutely beautiful and I love how they 
look alike, but different at the same time!

You can tell where they get their beauty and happiness!

Thanks for trusting me to capture this exciting time of transition 
in your lives.  Enjoy every minute together!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Garrett- Littleton Senior Pictures

Are you ready? Be prepared for some pictures of an amazing young man.

Seriously.  This session might be one of my favorites.  This young man is 
handsome, kind, hardworking and knows what 
he wants and is willing to sacrifice for it.  
Please Lord...let my boys grow up to be like this.

Garrett is a cowboy.  Not just a wannabe who wears
tight jeans and boots, but the real deal.

He has decided he wants to be a rancher when he grows up.  
And he is making huge strides to make that happen.  He has even worked
 in the summer making Hay Bales (he's even worked this field before).

This summer he decided to give up his love of baseball so 
that he could work and focus on his dream.  
And guess what?  His hard work paid off.

Just a week before our session, he purchased his first horse.  
A wild mustang name Flapjack.

Now he is working on training Flapjack and getting ready 
so that Flapjack can go to college with him when he goes
to The University of Wyoming next fall.

This cowboy also plays the violin and is 1st chair in the 
Columbine Chamber orchestra.  
Well rounded too?  Not fair!

There is nothing like a cowboy and his horse.

This Columbine senior has a bright future ahead of him.  
Good luck on your senior year Garrett!
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