Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Garrett- Littleton Senior Pictures

Are you ready? Be prepared for some pictures of an amazing young man.

Seriously.  This session might be one of my favorites.  This young man is 
handsome, kind, hardworking and knows what 
he wants and is willing to sacrifice for it.  
Please Lord...let my boys grow up to be like this.

Garrett is a cowboy.  Not just a wannabe who wears
tight jeans and boots, but the real deal.

He has decided he wants to be a rancher when he grows up.  
And he is making huge strides to make that happen.  He has even worked
 in the summer making Hay Bales (he's even worked this field before).

This summer he decided to give up his love of baseball so 
that he could work and focus on his dream.  
And guess what?  His hard work paid off.

Just a week before our session, he purchased his first horse.  
A wild mustang name Flapjack.

Now he is working on training Flapjack and getting ready 
so that Flapjack can go to college with him when he goes
to The University of Wyoming next fall.

This cowboy also plays the violin and is 1st chair in the 
Columbine Chamber orchestra.  
Well rounded too?  Not fair!

There is nothing like a cowboy and his horse.

This Columbine senior has a bright future ahead of him.  
Good luck on your senior year Garrett!
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