Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Take Great Back To School Photos

It's that time of year.  Teachers and students are lamenting, but moms
 (and dads too) everywhere are secretly rejoicing!  
The fighting, constant noise and whining will soon be over 
(at least from 8-2:45).

It is time to return to school.  The supplies have been purchased 
(after taking out a loan to pay for 700 SHARPENED pencils),
 the clothes have been bought and it is time for the last piece of the puzzle.  


Everyone loves taking those pictures as you are in a mad dash to get 
out the door on the first day of school. 
 It is such a great way to document the beginning of a new season and it is always 
fun to look back at on the last day of school to see how much they have grown.

Usually these photos are taken with your phone and are hurriedly done.  
Unless you are a Pinterest mom and over achiever.  If you are that person, congratulations! 
 But you are probably not the one reading this blog.  
This is for the moms and dads who are just trying to get everyone to school 
on-time with most of the supplies that were required (because there is always 
something on the list that you swear does not exist- at least not for 100 miles).

Just because you are in a hurry doesn't mean your pictures have to be terrible!  
It is just knowing a few basic guidelines.  I am here to help you!  
No more full sun pictures where your kids are squinting into the camera.  Don't do it!

Here are 5 things to remember when taking back to school pictures.

1.  Get close.  So often we stand too far away from our kids and you can't see the 
details of their little faces.  You will want to see their face and the excitement in their eyes.  
So take 5 steps forward and take the picture.  Aim to have them from the chest up in the picture.  
You want to be able to see the sparkle in their eyes.

2. Take more than one picture.  Maybe do a close up so you can see their new braces.  
But then back up (or have them sit on the front porch stairs) so you can see their whole outfit.  
Spent money on new shoes and backpack?  Document it! Also, if you have more than one kid,
 take one of each kid individually and then do a group shot.

3.  Shade, shade shade!  DO NOT have your kids stand with their face squinting
 into the sun.  Go around the house and stand by the siding that is in the shade.  
Shade pictures have very even lighting and the kids don't have to squint.  
You can see the eyes!

4.  Background.  Take the extra 10 seconds to make sure you are setting 
yourself up for success.  Find a background that isn't distracting.  
You don't want laundry, dirty dishes and pets running around in the background.  
Take the kids outside and find the side of your house that is in the shade.  
The siding or brick will make for an excellent background! 
 Professionals do it all the time (trust me)!  Do not, I repeat do not do these
 inside (if your house looks like mine does at the end of the summer, 
people might think your house has been condemned).  
Outside lighting so much prettier and easier to work with.

5.  If you want to be an over achiever (or pretend to be) use a white board, 
chalk board or even a plain piece of paper.  Have your KIDS write their 
name and the grade they are starting.  It is fun to see their handwriting progress as they 
get older (if you manage to do this year after year).  
It doesn't have to look like an artist did it.  Just quickly grab a piece of paper,
 a Sharpie and let them at it.  Trust me, you won't regret the extra 30 seconds it
 takes to do this step.  And the teacher won't notice an extra 30 seconds of tardiness.

Here are my Back To School Pictures from last year.  
Because we don't start school for another few days.

And the last day of school in May 2016

And now you can do a before and after picture.

Good luck!  I can't wait to Facebook stalk all of my friends and see if they are 
following the rules for good pictures!  

Happy last few days of summer everyone.

If you want to see my back to school pictures, check out my Facebook page!

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