Friday, August 21, 2015

Allison- Littleton Senior Pictures

I love this season of the year.  It is time for back to school and my 
other favorite....senior pictures.  I love spending time getting to know 
these amazing kids who are starting the best year of their life!  
A year that is full of frivolity and also a year 
full of life changing decisions.

This young lady is a beautiful combination of loveliness,
 kindness, smarts and beauty.  Not fair!  I loved hearing about all of her 
accomplishments and the fact that she is most excited 
that she is taking TWO math classes this year.  Who is excited about such a thing?  
Perhaps someone with a pocket protector.  Nope!  It is a beautiful and 
accomplished young lady.

 Smart, pretty and yet this was my favorite conversation with her.  

Me:  What has been your favorite thing about high school so far?

Allison:  Last year I was able to tutor a 1st grader through a program
 called Whiz Kidz.  I loved spending time with her 
and helping her learn.

Me: Awwww.  (Inside I was thinking "please Lord......
let my boys marry a girl just like this").

Don't you just love her?

Black and whites are my favorite.

She is also on the softball team at D'Eveyln (GO JAGS!).  
So naturally we had to take some pictures in the dugout.
Allison's one request was wildflowers.  They were a bit tough to find, 
but when I did they were perfect.  
These little purple flowers were beautiful!

Frantz family:  You are doing something right.  
This girls has so much going for her.  
It was a pleasure to spend time with her.

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