Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mary Margaret- Senior Pictures

This beauty is in the best year of her life!  It's senior year! 

Oh how I love taking senior pictures.  I love the extra time I get to 
spend one-on-one with these young folks.
Mary Margaret is a senior at Mullen High School and she exudes
 gentle beauty and sophistication.

I loved that I was able to do family pictures along with senior pictures 
for this sweet young lady.  I will put those pictures in a separate
 post so that she can have her own time in the spotlight.  But here is just a quick 
preview of the amazing family that surrounds her.
Mary Margaret is the oldest of 4 kids and it was a pleasure to 
watch her interact with her siblings.  She is a great leader for her brothers and sister.....
yet she can joke and kid with them as well.

 She also plays softball for Mullen.  

Those blue eyes are absolutely breath taking.

Sometimes it is so hard to choose between the black and
 white and the color.  So here you can see both!

I say it over and over, but bright colors always make for such 
wonderful contrast and make the best pictures!  Look how the pink in 
Mary Margaret's shirt just make these pictures stunning.

These hazy sunlit ones might be my favorite!

 You just can't beat the Colorado sunshine!

Congratulations on your senior year Mary Margaret!  
I loved spending the morning with you and your family.  
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