Saturday, October 31, 2015

The DiGrappa Family- Littleton Family Photography

I am always so happy to meet new, young families.  I LOVE my exsisting
 clients but it is always nice to have new people to get to know.

Little Wyatt is adorable!

He was a little scared of me at first.  Why wouldn't you be scared of a 
crazy lady with a big black camera pointed at your face.

I tell you one thing....he loves his mama 
(and the feeling is mutual).

These three are precious together.  

I loved watching them play together.

Right at sunset the light was beautiful and I got these
 amazing images!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?

Wow!  You guys are stunning together.

And after that, Wyatt decided to play a little.

This wagon was his daddy's when he was a kid.  
I love when clients bring props!

He was all smiles at the end.  

See.  I won him over.  Until it was time to go.  
Then I got this face.  I feel ya buddy.  

Enjoy your time with this precious little guy!

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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Hess Family- Castle Rock Family Photography

There is nothing better than a big old family picture!  I enjoy doing joint
 pictures of families.  They are some of my favorite pictures of my family 
and I love being able to do that for others.  There is nothing like pictures of cousins,
 aunts, uncles and grandparents all together.  It is such a rare treat
 to have everyone together looking their best!

The Hess Family and the Brainard Family asked me to do big family
 pictures for Christmas gifts.  Therefore, I am not going to share many of the
 pictures so they can be a surprise for Grandma.  If you want to see the 
Brainards pictures just click here.  But here is a little sneak preview
 of the big family session.

Carter is one of my Baby's First Year babies.  So I get to see him
 every few months.  I am so glad that this time he brought
 his whole family with him!

He didn't want to give me the big smiles but he is still just 
as cute as can be even with a straight face.

This family is so calm, mellow and quiet.  I love it! 

His big sister stole the show though.  My Goodness!  Look at those
 curls and that adorable little face.  I can't even believe how cute she is.

And she is a wonderful big sister who is
 smitten with her baby brother. 

But I think my favorite pictures from this session are the ones 
of mom and dad loving on their kids.  It shows the truth depth of their love.

I am so thankful that I get another session with
 Carter when he turns one! I can't wait.

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