Saturday, October 31, 2015

The DiGrappa Family- Littleton Family Photography

I am always so happy to meet new, young families.  I LOVE my exsisting
 clients but it is always nice to have new people to get to know.

Little Wyatt is adorable!

He was a little scared of me at first.  Why wouldn't you be scared of a 
crazy lady with a big black camera pointed at your face.

I tell you one thing....he loves his mama 
(and the feeling is mutual).

These three are precious together.  

I loved watching them play together.

Right at sunset the light was beautiful and I got these
 amazing images!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me?

Wow!  You guys are stunning together.

And after that, Wyatt decided to play a little.

This wagon was his daddy's when he was a kid.  
I love when clients bring props!

He was all smiles at the end.  

See.  I won him over.  Until it was time to go.  
Then I got this face.  I feel ya buddy.  

Enjoy your time with this precious little guy!

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