Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Gundlach Clan- Denver Family Photography

I loved meeting this family.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon at one
 of my favorite locations.  It is kind of far from my house so I don't
 shoot there very often, but I LOVE it!

This family quickly became one of my favorites as well.  
It was very obvious that they deeply care for each other and were at 
ease together.  My family is like that and I have found that it is a 
treasure and not always the case. 

It is also obvious that little Theo is well loved. 

Of course, Theo fell the morning of our session and got a little bit of a
 black eye, but that is how it goes with kids, right?!?  They always fall and
 get hurt or get sick right around picture time!

Theo was the star of the show and has this family 
wrapped around his adorable little finger.

Don't they make the cutest little family?

Chris is such a beautiful lady!  Doesn't she look stunning?

There is something special about a couple that has been through
 the ups and downs of life and stayed together.  I love that!  They make for
 some of my favorite pictures.  The long-lasting love is a rarity 
and something to be cherished.

They are also setting a good example for these two love birds.

Apparently I am hilarious!

I love doing big group family pictures.  It is fun to see all of the 
relationships and get so many different poses!

Thanks guys for allowing me to capture this fun 
and exciting time in your life.  It was a pleasure getting to know you!

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