Monday, October 5, 2015

The Hodges Family- Littleton Family Photographer

I have know these two since high school and I love that I have had the privilege 
of photographing their family over the last few years.  I first took pictures of them when 
Libby was a tiny baby and now she is 2!  Where has the time gone? 
 I love these little girls.  They are sweet and feisty, obedient, 
adventurous and full of fun.

I see much of myself in this family, which is funny because I have 3 boys and 
they have 4 girls.  But I look at Lindsey and see myself a few years ago. 
 She is in the stage of life where you are constantly "on duty".  
You are trying to balance 100 different things and most days you are just 
lucky that everyone made it through the day alive.

Take heart moms with littles.  It gets easier.  Mostly.  I just recently emailed a friend
 and said: " I can laugh at you while you are in the mind numbing, life-sucking 
toddler stage and you can laugh at me in the school-age, my kids all need 100 
different things for school/sports/church/homework-my brain hurts
 from keeping it all straight phase." 
 In the toddler phase I felt a little bit like Wesley in the Pit of Despair when 
the Count says "I have just sucked one year of your life away.  How do you feel?".  
I would wake up to the "Red Bull brothers" running around the house 
doing ninja moves at 6 a.m. and swear that they sucked all of that energy 
out of me and left me with none!  

You are doing great.  You are being consistent.  You are saying no when it is
 easier to just give in.  You are teaching them that the world doesn't revolve
 around them.  You are teaching them to be nice and love their siblings.  
You are doing well.  Keep up the good work.  As moms we don't often get praised.  
And that is hard.  So I am tell you Lindsey (and all the other moms 
out there in the trenches).....keep going.  You can do it.  It is worth it to put in the
 hard work now instead of trying to backpedal when they get older!  

Now more of this beautiful family.

Nora is just like my oldest.  All she wanted to do was love on her littlest sister. 
 And Libby didn't want to be tied down.  But I finally got this
 picture of the "book ends".  Nora was so happy.

Here are the oldest girls.

The middles.

Nora.  So grown up, mature and helpful.

Kate.  The wild card.  The blonde.  So sweet and helpful.

Anna.  The cute one (They are all adorable girls but this one.  The dimples. 
 The twinkle in her eyes.) 

Libby.  The baby.  Into everything.  Constant motion.  
And her smile.  Priceless.

These two.  Words like solid, loving, stable, caring and God-filled
 come to mind with these two.  They are a nurse practitioner and firefighter.  
You can't ask for better people than these.

I am already looking forward to next year guys!  I loved hanging out 
with you and the girls and catching up on life.  

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