Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Anderson Family- Littleton Family Photography

Meet my new favorite family.

The Andersons.

Aren't they the cutest?

When Ashley first told me she was an ER Dr. I didn't really believe her.  
Because she is bubbly and nice and fun.  Not typically what I picture for a doctor. 
 I kind of picture an older man with glasses and a plaid shirt under his white coat.  
Strange, I know.  All I know is that this lady's patients are LUCKY!  
You can feel the love and a zest for life emanating from her.

I loved hanging out with them.  They call this sweet thing "sister".  So cute 
and fitting.  By the end of the session I was calling her sister too!  She is a lot
 like her momma.  Sweet and fun with a pinch of sass 
(you know, just enough to make her fun)!

This one is much more like Dad.  A little reserved, but 
handsome, steady and super nice.

My favorite thing about these pictures is how Ashley interacts with her kids. 
 You can tell that she cherishes them.

 I had to include both the black and white and the color on this one. 
This one makes me so happy!

And JP is no slouch.  He is a wonderful dad.


After we were done taking pictures of them as a couple she said to me
 "don't tell him but after all these years together, I still ADORE him".  
Don't worry Ashley, your secret is safe with me. And I LOVE that you 
still adore your husband, never be ashamed of that!  
We all need to adore our spouses a little more!

 And the kids.  There is nothing like a good sibling shot!

Ashley, it was a pleasure to get to know you and hang out with your family for a bit.
I love that we already feel like friends!

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