Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Euser Family- Littleton Family Photography

This family stole my heart.

I loved them when I first met them about a year and a half ago, 
but this reached a whole new level.

Therefore, be prepared for picture overload.  
Sorry/not sorry!

When we started our session, it was starting to rain.  I got these pictures of
 the kids looking adorable under my blanket before it started to pour. 

After waiting out the rain in the car for a few minutes, the sun came 
back out and we were able to take some great pictures. 

This little one wanted me to carry her around the entire session.  She would
 look up at me and say "carry me Miss Lisa" with those big brown eyes. 
 How can I say no to that?  

I might have more pictures of this guy than any other kid I have
 photographed.  He is so photogenic and wanted his picture
 taken the entire time.  I loved it!

Sibling shots= favorites

So many great pictures during this session.

Heather and Mark, I loved spending time with you
 and your adorable family.

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