Monday, November 16, 2015

The Morrill Family- Littleton Family Photography

I met this family while doing homecoming pictures for
 my niece and her friends.

I loved that they grabbed a business card from me and made
 an appointment for family pictures.

I think as your kids get older it gets tougher to do family pictures
 (with their busy schedules) and they don't change as quickly (or so it seems) so 
it doesn't seem as important.  But the teenage years are important to document too! 
 Make sure you are taking pictures of your kids and that you continue 
to do family pictures every few years.  They are going to be off at college 
before you know it and then pictures are going to be even harder to schedule!

Moms of boys deserve pictures of themselves looking beautiful.

And then more pictures of them with their boys. 

We had to get a "man" picture as well.

I tell you what, I love boys.  I am so thankful that I have boys.  Even as teenagers 
they are fun and make me laugh.  These boys were no exception.  I had to coax a 
few smiles out of them but eventually I cracked them and got some great smiles.

They are good at the smoulder look too.

The youngest is always the showoff!  Landon is SO photogenic and wanted me
 to take tons of pictures of him...which I totally obliged.  He was adorable!  I love it 
when the kids get excited about pictures and have great ideas.

These two.  Their love is written all over their faces.  I got some great ones of
 them just loving each other totally in the moment.  So many of them weren't 
even posed!  What a great example they are to their boys.

Thanks Morrill family.  I loved getting to know you!

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