Friday, November 27, 2015

The Helmerich Family- Littleton Family Photographer

Check out this awesome family!

This session was Doug's birthday present.  I LOVE that the 
dad is the one who wanted pictures.  Such a wonderful change.  
Usually the dads are dragged kicking and screaming.

It was the morning after a snow storm and it was
 really cold, but these guys were troopers!

It may have been cold, but the backdrop for these pictures was stunning!  
All of the sparkling white snow was absolutely breathtaking.

We even had glittering snow falling from the trees.  
It looked so beautiful in the sunshine.

These two were adorable together.  They just have stars in their eyes.  Love it!


Luckily as our session went on, it got a little warmer out!

These kids seem like good friends. 
 It was nice to see them getting along so well.

Apparently, this beauty played lacrosse with my niece a few years ago. 
 I was editing pictures and my niece walked by and said "I know her.  
She is a really good lacrosse player".

These boys are easy on the eyes too.

The teenagers were good on their gift for Doug.  No complaining at all
 while we traipsed through the freezing snow.  Way to go, guys!

It was lovely to meet you Helmerich family.  
Thanks for braving the cold with me!

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