Monday, August 17, 2015

Dom- Littleton Senior Pictures

My Kids are growing up.  There is no stopping them.  The older they get, 
the more I picture their little faces as I am doing photo shoots.  
I realize that I am going to blink and I am doing to be doing their senior pictures.  
It also helps me to relate to the moms (mostly) that tag along and carry the 
multiple clothing changes that happen during a senior session.  
I can picture myself doing that in just a few years.  It scares me, 
but then I see how these kids (especially the boys- probably because I have boys) 
relate to their mamas.  These kids are awesome.  They love their mamas.  
Granted I always get to see them on their best behavior, 
but I love hanging out with these seniors.

I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes.  I love to hear their excitement and 
hope for what is to come.  It is a joy!

This young man was no exception!  His mom works at the
 preschool that my kids all attended.  And while my kids never had the pleasure 
of having her in their classroom, we share a common love and bond for the school!
I am pretty sure that Dom has been practing his looks in front of the mirror.  
He had it down!  This kid could be a model.  He always did a serious look, 
half smile and a full smile for every picture without me even having to ask.  
It was amazing.  Because of that, I have about a
 million that are my FAVORITE.  

Not many people can pull off the "serious" look.  Most kids just laugh when 
I try to get them to do the serious look.  Not Dom.  
He just gave me the smoulder.  Check it out.

This kid also has mad skills.  He plays basketball and football and 
just reminds me of an all-round good American kid.  Love it.

The clouds rolled in for our session which meant that we could shoot
 almost anywhere.  It was fun to explore places I have never been able to shoot.  
I found tons of fun, new (to me) nooks and crannies 
with great texture and variety.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this session.  
Sorry for the overload. I just couldn't narrow it down.

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