Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneak Peek: The O'Neill Family

We are lucky enough to have these guys as neighbors.  I have loved watching these kids get bigger and grow!

It is inevitable, whenever you are going to have pictures taken of your kids.....that is when they will scrape their head, get a black eye or break a bone.  Never fails.

Last year, Kaden ended up with a black eye.

Before and After Editing

This was Layla's turn.  Thankfully, I know these guys.  And I know they don't give their kids black eyes on purpose!

Luckily, her swollen eye isn't that noticeable.  Poor thing.

So parents, don't worry too much.  My photoshop skills are pretty good and even if they aren't, years from now, you will remember what it is like to have little children and how it is a miracle that they make it through life at all!

We still had a good time (cold, but good) downtown.  Layla didn't really want to smile very much, but when you are 2 years old, that is your prerogative!  This little family is still a treat to hang out and live life with.  Thanks for making it fun for me (and for the Starbucks when we were done).

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