Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneak Peek: Snyder Boys

So thankful for this family (perhaps this can be Attitude of Gratitude: Day 13 because I am way behind)!  Not only are they the glue of Tanner's baseball team, they are good friends and kindred spirits.  They would do anything for you and Amy has always been one of the biggest cheerleaders for my business.  I really appreciate that.  She almost exclusively calls me LiLo (one of the few) and I LOVE it.  She is always spreading my name around and referring me to her friends (and even the random lady at Children's Place while shopping for clothes for pictures).  Thanks Amy.  You make a great cheerleader!

I love these boys.  I have a soft spot for cute little red heads.  These boys have the color of hair that ladies KILL for (and spend thousands of dollars to try to get).  It is a beautiful rusty color.

Once again, childhood strikes again and the night before the pictures Jackson got a rug burn on the bridge of his nose.  LiLo to the rescue.  I had to retouch every single picture, but it is worth it for this family!

I had a great time tagging along with these boys and catching their cute little faces.  Next time I will get Bill and Amy behind the lens, but this year it was fun to focus on the boys.

Love you guys and we are so thankful for you!

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