Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The King Family

It was so nice to meet the King family last weekend.  She contacted me awhile ago because she loved her co-workers pictures that I had taken earlier this year.  It made me a little nervous when she said she wanted them to look "exactly like" the Fish's pictures.  I can't blame her.  I loved the way the Fish's pictures turned out too, but that was a tall order.  However, I think I like these pictures just as much or more!  Their little girls are so cute and fun loving.  Laura is beautiful in a classic and timeless way (meaning she will still be gorgeous when she is 80 while the rest of us are all wrinkly and saggy!).  Don't you think she looks like the beautiful Helen Hunt?  Anyway, it was lovely to meet this family and spend time together!  They really loved the animals and hope to maybe own a farm someday! 

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, King family!

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