Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Fish Family Sneak Peak

I have known the Fishes for a long time.  They are a great family.  We are kind of related.  Jane's brother is married to my that makes us sisters once removed, right?  Jane is a lovely person.  She helped guide me in my first year of college when I was away from home and needed to hang out with some amazing Christian young women.  I really appreciated that.  Jason is just a good ol' boy.  He has that southern charm that brings a smile to your face!  His mama taught him well and it was a pleasure to have her along for the pictures!  I had the pleasure of meeting the Fishes today to take some family pictures.  IT. WAS. COLD.  They were such troopers and other than it being cold, it was PERFECT conditions to take pictures.  It was a coats on, coats off, go inside the building to get the feeling back in your fingers kind of day.  But it was also one of my favorite shoots thus far.  We got some great shots!  Here is a little sneak preview of some of the magic that happened today.

One down, two to go.  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks!

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