Friday, September 28, 2012

Young, Andreen, Cole Family Preview

We have gotten to know Jessie and Charlie through some of our neighbors.  They are great people.  Chris did the Wild West Relay with them and I was able to take some pictures of them and their extended family last weekend.  I loved it!

I love getting to take pictures of a big extended families.  I particularly loved this family as they reminded me so much of my family.  A great mom and dad, sisters, only one girl grandchild.....etc.  It was so much fun to hang out with these guys and chase them around for a few hours!  That is one of the benefits of booking a big extended family shoot with LiLo!  You get unlimited time with me (as long as the kids last, right?) for a cheaper price than booking separate 45 minute shoots.  I know a lot of photographers shy away from big shoots, but I LOVE seeing the inner workings of big families and giving them pictures of their families that will last forever (at a reasonable price- most quotes I have gotten for a big extended family shoot are for over $300 just for the sitting fee and then you have to buy pictures/cd rights on top of that).  Everyone deserves great family pictures at a reasonable price, right?  Check out my website here for pricing for your next family pictures! 

I really want one of my big family, but who will take it for me?

Back to the task at hand.  Don't you just love this family?  They did an amazing job of coordinating outfits (upcoming blog soon on how to dress for a photoshoot, and they will be at the top of the "nice job" list!).

It took me awhile to sort through the 600+ images (narrowed down to 500 after deleting the ones with eyes closed or someone out of focus) that I took during our 2 hours together, but I am finally done.  Feast your eyes on this lovely family!

Big family picture!

Brian, Alexis and family

Charlie, Jessie and Family

I love a good brother picture

We represent the Lolly Pop Guild!

Mom and Dad, still looking good!

OH MY!  He is SO darling!

This is what happened when I told them to act natural.  Can you find all 5 grandkids?

Love this candid one of Bella, the only girl!

I'm not picking my nose!

For more of these pictures, check out (and "like") my facebook page here.

Let me know if you need a BIG family picture.  It would make a great gift for Christmas, and the Colorado weather is perfect this time of year!  Gift certificates available.

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