Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Final Birthday!

I love birthday season at my house.  But, I am just as happy when it winds down.  I love being creative and making special memories for my kids, but it is exhausting!  Three birthdays in three months!  Tanner is the last boy to have his birthday and this year was having a hard time picking his "theme".  I do realize that the theme thing will only last a little while (before long they are going to want friends, pizza, movies and for me to leave them alone), so trust me that I cherish the time when I can spoil them, be creative and just have some fun!

We decided on a Messy Party.  If you have ever met my T-Bone, you know that this is the PERFECT theme for him!  I am not sure that I have any pictures of him with a clean face.  He is just always dirty!  This party was so much fun.  I kept it pretty low key because he wanted all of his cousins there (so sweet) and that is 5 kids automatically, so we just kept it to his 3 best friends.  They had a ball tie-dying shirts, painting themselves, making their own pizzas, spraying a sheet with colored water and decorating their own cupcakes.  This made for a totally chaotic time (for the adults trying to keep everyone going) but the kids had a blast!  I would highly recommend this theme.  It was easy and fun and the kids LOVED it.  What kid doesn't love to get dirty!

Here are the highlights!

Making the invitations (free with supplies on hand)

Tie-dying (couldn't have done it without sister, mom and mother in law)

Applesauce slurping contest

Tanner won!


Happy Birthday Tanner!  You are such a fun and lively addition to our family.  I love your sensitive spirit and your love for others.  Don't let the world beat that out of you!

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