Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Hollohan Family- Littleton Family Photography

Friends of friends are the best.  You have an instant connection and are already friends from the moment you meet.  

This sweet family goes to church with one of my favorite families!  

Aren't they absolutely adorable?

These girls were so much fun to chase around.

Check out this AMAZING hair.  It was really hard to do it justice in the pictures.  I have never seen a red-head with such variation within the hair.  Seriously, if you could bottle that color people would pay MILLIONS for it.  

The girls just wanted to play around and seemed to like the playful pictures more than the posed ones.  That is okay!!  It is a stage of life and it shows the joy and love between the family members.  People always seem to think that the best pictures are the posed "say cheese" photos but I love the candid ones just as much or more than the posed ones.

Don't these pictures just scream fall?  We have had a wonderfully warm and long fall in Colorado.  Personally I am ready for some snow flurries (as long as I don't have to drive in it) but professionally it has been a dream not to have to worry about the cold weather and runny, red noses and cranky, cold kids.

These leaves were at peak!  So beautiful and rich in color.
I love it when I can catch a leaf falling in the picture!

This will make your heart melt.

 These girls.  Can they be any cuter?  NO!

Daddy had to go back to work so I stayed and played a little longer with the girls.  

It was so good to meet you Hollohan family.  You have such a beautiful family and special little girls.  I can't wait to do it again next year.

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