Thursday, November 3, 2016

The McCoy Family- Denver Family Photography

Are you ready for an overload of cuteness?

This was my second set of 3 year old twins in 2 weeks.  How cool is that?

I love to watch twins interact and see how each one fills their roll in the family dynamics.

Usually one of them is a little more shy but can often be aggressive.  Then the other twin is a little wild but super sweet and loving.  Funny, right?

Even though I am a #boymom I have to say that #twinboymom is even busier and more wild.  These boys are SO cute and fun but man, I was tired after this session.  I can only imagine how tired Jessica must be.

Apparently Jessica always dresses them in matching clothes so this was a big step of faith to have them in different outfits.  I think she nailed it. They are SO cute.

Aren't these two adorable?  I know you are going to find this shocking, but Jessica is a 2nd grade teacher.  Just kidding.  That isn't shocking at all.  Doesn't she just look like the nicest teacher in the world.  Well, she is.


I love the perspective of these.  It is like being in a secret world.  Sometimes we just need to get down on their level and see things the way they see them. 

I had a blast running around and chasing these two sweet boys.

Their smiles and laughs are totally contagious.  I found myself smiling all through the session and then again when I was editing the pictures.  I couldn't help myself.

It was wonderful to meet you guys!  I hope to see you again next year.

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