Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Welcome Alexis

What happens when you add a sweet little girl to a family that already has 2 adorable little boys?  Cuteness abounds!

I am so happy for this family of five!  Their boys are so full of energy, joy and are 100% boys.  
They are rough and tumble (in a good way) and sweet and tender just like little boys should be!

I wanna be like you

Dillon just graduated kindergarten and was 100% in love with my camera.  
He followed me around striking poses and hogging the camera.  I loved it.

Cole was 100% the opposite.  He liked to play the game of let's run away from the camera.  
One and a half year olds don't tend to love the camera.  
They are too busy exploring the world around them.  
But I still managed to get him to sit still for a few pictures.
Catch me if you can....
He wasn't as excited to sit and pose with his family or his baby sister however.  
But it is a stage of life!

Dillion, however, was more than happy to sit with his sister and take pictures.

Isn't Alexis such a doll?  Usually I do newborn pictures in the first few weeks of life, 
so it was nice to have a baby that was a bit older and 
wanted to show me her pretty little eyes.

Hopefully she will grow up to be as beautiful as her momma.

I love the unintentional photo bomb in the back of this picture.  
The boys were playing in their little secret hideaway.

 I love this family.  They are adorable and full of life and joy.  
Enjoy this time!  It is chaotic, crazy and makes you want to pull your hair out at times,  
but it is also full of tiny snuggles, wonder and love.

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