Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sneak Peek: Allison

Can I tell you how much I love taking Senior Pictures? 
 I love interacting with teenagers!  Perhaps that is why I was a middle school teacher.  
Most people say I am crazy to work with that age group, but I LOVE them.

This beauty made my job easy and I had a wonderful time doing it!  
She rocks the serious face.  I am jealous.  
When I try to do the serious face, I just end up looking angry. 
 But she looks like a supermodel.
But even cuter when she is smiling.
Allison's mom was my middle child's kindergarten teacher.  
She is amazing and her daughter is equally so.  I loved spending the evening with them.  
It felt more like a fun hangout with friends than a session.  
It brings the joy in my job to a whole new level.  
Now I am kicking myself that I didn't take a picture of her and her mom. 
 Next time ladies!

I also can't get over how sweet this young lady is.  
She was always thanking me for fixing her hair or saying please for something.  
So pleasant and polite which can sometimes be rare for this age group. 
She is a keeper!!!

The lighting was beautiful and there were so many great places to do pictures.  
I love all of the variety that we were able to get during our session.

 She was most excited about this one.  I would be too if there was a giant 
LISA written in the sidewalk that I could pose with.  
I love that we found this "Allison".
And then there was this wall.  Favorite.  Hands down.  
The beautiful tile just accentuated the beauty of this girl.  
Sigh.  Oh how I love these.

Then it was time for some outfit changes and a change of scenery.  
Love the shoes Allison!

Here comes another favorite.  She looks so grown up and beautiful!

It downpoured for about 5 minutes and then the sun came out again.  
Luckily we found some shelter from the rain and were able to get 
right back to shooting in the beautiful sunshine.
Allison does Cross Country and so we had to get some with her shoes. 
And finally.....the rain gave us some nice puddles.  
Allison wanted a picture of the dichotomy of a high school athlete.  
Isn't this fun?  Great idea Allison.
Allison, thanks for hanging out with me and allowing me to document this special time in your life.
  I am thankful for you and your mom!

Know anyone who still needs senior pictures?  I still have some openings.  
Head over to my website for more information.

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