Thursday, July 16, 2015

100 Years

It was my recent honor to be able to document the great accomplishment of 2 couples.  
These two couples are each celebrating 50 years of marriage.  
What a wonderful legacy to pass on to your children and your grandchildren.  
Not only are each of these couples celebrating 50 years, they are family!  
Ron and Karen are brother and sister.  How fun that they were married the same year
 and that now they are able to celebrate this milestone together.  
They also told me that this would have been their mother's 100th birthday.  
So they did 200 years worth of celebrating that day!

Meet Ron and Mary.  Aren't they so cute?

Here they are with their sons.
 And then the significant others were included.

Then add in the rest of the clan.  
They are such a fun group full of love and laughter!  
I loved laughing and spending time with them.
 They are lucky enough to have three beautiful grand-daughters.  
You can tell they adore each other.
Here are more pictures from our time together.  
I love doing big family sessions and getting tons of 
different combinations and seeing the love as they interact.

 And now on to our next happy couple.  Bob and Karen. much. fun.  This was the first picture I took of them.
Now for a "real" picture.
 They were also blessed with two sons.
And two daughter-in-laws.
And a gaggle of grandkids.  
Unfortunately, 2 of the grand kids were unable to make it.  
But they were there in spirit!
Here is the whole clan!
They were so fun and easy to pose.  Even the little kids.  
They rocked it!  6 of the 8 grand kids together.  
They were fun to watch! 
And now for more individual family pictures.

Take a look at this.  
So fun to incorporate timeless photos into present pictures.

Congratulations Ron and Mary and Bob and Karen.  
You four have created a wonderful family 
and given your kids and grandkids a lasting and
 beautiful picture of marriage.

Here's to 50 more, right?

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