Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Senior Pictures- Tommy

I love being able to walk through life with my clients.  I have known the Sedberry family for almost 2 years now.  Last summer I had the privilege of documenting Amanda's wedding.  It was a beautiful day filled with family and love!

Now, it is time for another significant period in their family.  Their youngest is getting ready to start his senior year at Cherry Creek High School.  Thankfully, I was able to document this as well.

 Tommy is such a good kid and I enjoyed joking around with he and his parents while we dashed around down town Littleton.  He plays Lacrosse, Football and apparently has a magical voice.  He wants to go to college for vocal training.  How cool is that?  Sounds like he is a talented and busy kid with a great future ahead of him!

This guy rocks the serious look.  So many people can't do a serious face without looking mad or laughing.  Tommy had no problem with that.  Perhaps he ought to add modeling to his busy schedule!

Serious is nice, but smiling is even better!

Tommy, I hope that your senior year is amazing and that you take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy your youth and this exciting time in your life!

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