Monday, June 15, 2015

Sneak Peek: Mila

Does anyone else feel like life is going at warp speed?  
It seems like yesterday that this little beauty was born.  How has it been 18 months?  
I love these side by side pictures of this mama 
loving on her girl 18 months ago and then now.
I tell you what.  18 month olds are a handful and they are exhausting.  
This is good birth control for me.  Too often I see the tiny babies and wish I had another one.  
Then I have a session like this one and it brings me back to reality.  
Don't get me wrong......Mila was ADORABLE and a sweet little thing, 
but she didn't ever sit still very long.  

She did, however, love my little gray rug.  
I brought it so she could sit on it and not get her pants dirty, but she saw it has her 
"mark" and was happy as a lark to sit on it (for 30 seconds or so).

For the second half of our session, they wanted to a 1950's theme. 
 LOVE IT!  I love when clients have a fun idea in mind that I can run with
 and something that is out of the ordinary. 
 Prepare for an overload of black and white pictures.  I couldn't help myself. 
 The theme just called for it.

We went to the Lakewood Heritage Center where they have a bunch of fun old buildings.  
It was a great backdrop for our 1950's session.  

The sunglasses.  I can't even.  She is so cute.  
She either wanted to hold them on (so they wouldn't fall off) or take them off completely. 
 Doesn't matter.... it was still adorable.

These two.  Aren't they so cute together?  Young.  In love. Great parents.  What more could I ask for?

I swoon over this last one.  So cute!

Thanks guys!  I had a ball hanging with you guys and trying to keep up with Mila.  
I bet you guys sleep really well at night.  She is an amazing combination of 
cuteness and energy (like all 18 month olds)!  
You guys make the cutest little family.
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