Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Fillhart Family

I am lucky enough to call these beautiful people family!
Oh how I love this funny family.  The only downfall with this family is that they are so awesome that everyone wants to hang out with them so we have some serious competition if we want to spend time with them.  Thankfully they live close and we are able to spend birthdays, holidays, ski days and "hang out" days with take that!
I love having nieces and spending time with them.  I find that they older they get...the more I love to hang out with them.  We paint our nails, go shopping together and watch wedding and cooking shows and I LOVE IT!  I hope that we will always be close and that they will want to continue to hang out with me!
 I can't believe how much this beauty has grown up!  Stop it little girl!
 And this one.....always has me in stitches.  Her laugh is so contagious.  The boys LOVE to hang out with her.
Stacey and Paul are so gracious, giving and loving.  They have helped us so much over the years that we can't even begin to say thank you.  We are grateful for all that you have done for us and we love you guys.  
They also make me laugh like no one else.  Chris and Paul are like brothers and it is so funny to hear/see their texts back and forth.  Seriously....LOL.
I love that they wanted to go downtown to the newly renovated Union Station to have their pictures done.  I don't get to do Urban sessions very often so I had fun finding spots and getting creative with down town Denver (and almost getting hit by a bus....that part was not as fun. YIKES!).

Thanks for letting me do your pictures (finally-hee hee) and for living life alongside us.

 Love you!

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