Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Frantz Family

This year my business has grown like crazy and I have been incredibly blessed to be able to be successful at something I LOVE!  However, it has made for a busy fall and I am sorry to my clients that it has taken me so long to do all of the editing for your sessions!  My goal used to be a one week turn-around and this year it has elongated to 2 weeks or more.  I am working on trying to get them done faster but I want to make sure that I do quality work for all of my clients and that takes time!  I have also taken a part time job at a local school and we decided a kitchen remodel would be a good idea to tackle!  So thank you for being patient with me.  

I am starting to think that life really is six degrees of separation.  I am amazed that almost all of my clients are interconnected one way or another.  One reason, obviously, is that much of my work is word of mouth!  I am so thankful for referrals.  Thank you clients and keep them coming!
This family goes to the school where I work.  Their son also plays basketball with my nephew and they go to church with many of our friends and family.  I don't know them very well, but I loved spending time with them on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.  They are such a sweet family and the kids are QUALITY.  Please Lord let my kids turn out like this!
This family is busy with sports, activities and church but it was fun to traipse through the woods for the afternoon searching for ideal spots.  By the end, the kids were experts at scouting and loved posing for the camera.  It is one of my favorite things about sessions.  I love encouraging kids to pick spots that suit their personality and liking and it keeps them interested and invested in the session.  It makes for fun for everyone and they sometimes come up with great spots that I had never seen before.
 And I love all of the different combinations I am able to get with families with older kids.  Easy poses make for more set-ups.  I LOVE it!
You know I am a sucker for sister pictures.
And lastly, they wanted a picture to show the stage of life they are in.  The sports and activities stage.  Mom and Dad are in the back with gatorade and a basketball (Brian helps coach while Kathy is the taxi and cheerleader).  I LOVE that is shows their personalities and what their life is like right now.  
Thanks for letting me be a part of your busy lives this fall.  I am so glad you guys decided to do family pictures for your growing teens!  Click here to see the entire gallery from this session.

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