Monday, November 10, 2014

The Barnes Family

Oh how I love this family.  Julie has become less like a client and more like a friend.  She is so funny and straightforward and I love it!  I kept cracking up at the emails and texts I was getting in the days leading up to the session.  "I got our outfits all together....aren't you proud that I am done so early".  "Andrew just got his haircut and she totally jacked it up, what should I do?".  And so on.  
Andrew is at the "tough picture stage" and didn't really want to show off.  Perhaps he was self conscious of his butchered hair.  He did perk up when the hat came out and he insisted on putting it on all by himself.  He looked so cute with it on all crooked.
Andrew might not have wanted his picture taken, but Nathan was all over it!
Sweet Katelyn is the BEST big sister.  She is so patient with her brothers!  And her beautiful blue eyes.....forgetaboutit.
My favorite thing about this session were the candid shots I got.  I loved watching them play and interact.  Nathan even did the monkey bars for the first time and I was able to capture that moment!
 Shhhh...we're hunting wabbits.
 This might be a new favorite of mine......the lone walk.
Don't worry.  We got some posed shots too.
Thanks for making me feel like a part of your family!  I love being able to document your life and love year after year!

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