Monday, November 3, 2014

The Hovanec Family

I love taking pictures of families with three boys.   It reminds me so much of my own family and I feel like I can relate with the parents in that we are in the trenches together.  This particular family reminded me of my life about 5 years ago.  When you have three boys under the age of 6 you are just living minute to minute.  Hoping that the runny noses will end that you might, eventually get a full night's sleep.  I am with you Dawn (and Regis).  You can do it!
As a photographer, this stage is a tricky one.  15-19 months is the hardest to photograph.  They are starting to learn that they have power and are not as easy to please, or easily contained!  This is what it looks like to try to get a 16 month old to lay down with his brothers.
 But the best part of this age is their sense of wonder and excitement.  Nolan was IN LOVE with the chickens.  I was a little bit afraid that one of the chickens would bite his fingers or....nose as he loved sticking both through the fence.  But isn't it so cute????
 The other boys were much easier with their smiles.  

 Oh those could get lost in them!
And these pictures of them in the leaves are some of my favorite from this fall!
 I loved taking a trip down memory lane with this rough and tumble family of boys.  Keep going folks!  The runny noses and temper tantrums will end (mostly) and they will grow up quickly.  Enjoy every minute!
 The family that plays together...stays together!
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