Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hendrix- 4 months

It is so fun to be able to watch babies grow.  They change so much in the first year and it is so amazing to watch and document them.

Remember the sweet little redheaded newborn from a few months ago?  He is back and even cuter (if you can believe it)!
Little Hendrix is extremely adorable.  He is also a bit of a "rock star".  Diana told me that she should have know he was going to be a bit temperamental when they named him "Hendrix".  He didn't really want to perform for me, but I still managed to capture his adorableness.   

I love his little hair swirl.  It totally reminds me of "Tin Tin".
 I think he was giving a concert in these pictures.
These images are some of my favs.  I love "dreamy baby" pictures.  Pair that with a red radio flyer wagon and I am in love!
These two are pretty cute too.  I can't believe how much Hendrix looks like his dad....
I love watching first time parents snuggling with their precious baby.   Prepare for black and white overload.  I just couldn't help myself.  These images begged for black and white.
Hendrix just wanted to be snuggled for the last part of our session.  After they left Diana sent me a sweet picture of him sacked out in the backseat.  All he needed was a diaper change and a nap!  Poor little guy.  It is tough to be 4 months old.
And here is another favorite.
I can hardly wait for our next session when he is 8 months old!  Click here to see the entire gallery from this session.

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