Saturday, October 29, 2011

To Frame, or Not to Frame

So, you've had your family pictures done and now you have a cd full of cute pictures of your family.  Now what do you do?  Which ones do you print?  Which ones pull at your heart?  How will you remember your kids at this age?  Is it the one with the cheesy fake smile, or the one with their sweet little profile that is so easily forgotten?  Decisions, decisions.

 Ok, so that one might not make the wall, but I love it.  Did you notice the fingers wrapped tightly around his brother's neck while trying to give him a kiss.  It was not done in malice.  It was a loving gesture, just an aggressive loving gesture.

What about the wild goose chase?  Will that make the frame?

How about climbing out of the hole?

The cute squat that they can do so easily (you know the one that makes you groan when you are a grown-up, yet a chubby little 18 month old can hold the position for hours)?

The profile.  Will that make the photo album?

How about the cute little guy holding on to mama's leg with all his might?  So cute right?

What about this angle?  How can you resist a super-cute red head?  Probably won't frame that one, but it is nice to know what they looked like from your angle looking down on that sweet head.

How about your boys walking over the bridge?

Or walking the bench?

Brothers walking through life together?  Can you put that in the album?

How about the shadow picture?  I think this one is more of what your memory holds dear when you think back to the good old days of when your kids were young.  You won't remember how hard it was to get them to smile for picture day.  You are just left with happy memories of your babies.

So, I guess Amy has her work cut out for her.  If you want to see the ones that will definitely make the album, hop over to LiLo Photography and check out the rest of the pictures.