Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet the O's

This is Mr. and Mrs. O. 

See their three little O's in the window?
And these are their little O's.

And this is what life with three little boys is like.

Never. A. Dull. Moment.
Lori was worried.  They had never had professional pictures done before.  Well guess what, Lori?  No need to worry.  Look at how beautiful your family is!

This is a seriously sweet family.  I love little boys.  I don't mean that in a creepy way.  I ALWAYS wanted little girls.  It was all I had ever known.  Sisters, cousins (except one), friends....all girls.  But God knew what he was doing.  I have all boys and have never looked back.  Never for a second (especially when seeing the drama of the nieces *disclaimer-they are awesome little girls, just not when they are in drama mode) have I regretted not having a girl.  I love how boys are tough, but sweet.  I love how they are fuming at you one minute and the next, all is forgiven.  So this is a family I can relate with.  Lori, I feel your pain and your immense joy in your boys!

Let me introduce you.  This is Preston.

I mean, seriously.  Can this kid get more photogenic?  He was AMAZING during the shoot.  Always looking out for his brothers, doing exactly what I asked and he is a natural in front of the camera.  This is only one of the 10 great shots I have of just him!  I try to let kid incorporate their ideas into a shoot.  It makes them feel involved and sometimes their ideas are great and work really well.  This was his one picture request.

Tebowing.  So cute!
The middle child: Oliver.  Oliver reminded me so much of my own middle child, Tanner.  They are the cute, funny but don't want to do exactly what you want them to do kind of kid.  Love them, but they are always working an angle.  He had his fingers in his mouth a lot, but guess what....still SUPER cute.

Here is his idea for the picture. 

Cute hu?
Here was my idea for his picture.

Entitled "Ollie's Lolly"
Now meet sweet little Sam.  Sam is the baby.  I love the baby.  But the baby is hard to work with.  Trust me, I have a three year old too.  And when I can get him to look at the camera and smile, voila, he is the cutest thing you have ever seen.  But I have a LOT of really bad ones too (of my baby, not Lori's baby).  The baby of the family is the one that everyone loves and coddles and tries to get to smile. 

"I am cute and I know it"

This was Sam's pick.  What three year old doesn't want to sit on a gigantic fence made of piled wood?

Here is mom's pick (or it will be when she sees it).  There is nothing like a mom and her sons.

And dad's pick (or will be when mom sees it, because let's face it when it comes to pictures the dad just shows up in the clothes that have been laid out for him and keeps his mouth quiet and smiles-if he is smart).

And here is LiLo's pick.  You know it can't be a proper photo shoot without some leg shots.

And in case you didn't get enough of this beautiful family, here's one last one.

And if you really, really didn't get enough, hop on over to LiLo Photography on facebook.  And.....BOYS RULE!

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