Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet the Chipmunks

Before the next holiday rolls around, I need to catch up on the last holiday.  Halloween.  I don't know why Halloween is such a crazy time of year.  Oh yeah, perhaps it is because I choose to hand make the boys costumes every year.  Let me clarify.  I pick out the theme (always have to have a theme while the boys will still let me) and go shopping with mom (gaining her approval for all patterns and fabric choices-while juggling at least two children at the fabric store-which they all HATE).  Then I worry and feel guilty that the fabric is sitting at mom's house while I am busy doing ten million other things.  Meanwhile, my mom is chained to her sewing machine making magic (on 6 costumes-because my sister is in the same boat).  I stop by whenever I can to help cut, press, pin and....oh yeah try to keep three little people entertained so that mom can work.  Needless to say, I don't do a whole lot other than lend emotional support and come up with brilliant ideas for difficult costumes.  However, every year......my kids have the best costumes around (thanks mom).

This year, they were the Chipmunks.  They even learned the Christmas Song.  So cute!


Alvin is the life of the party.  He is the talent, but he is trouble.  That fits Tanner's personality to a tee!  He loved being Alvin....and his favorite color is red.  Worked out perfectly!


Simon is the smart one.  He is always thinking and is on the straight and narrow.....just like Makai.  Another perfect fit.  Makai's favorite color.....blue.  Works out again!


Everyone loves Theodore.  He is the cute little baby (with a little baby fat).  That is our little Jameson.  Not sure what his favorite color is, but he says it is green.  Is that just convenient.  Perhaps.

Together they make the Chipmunks.

Everyone loved seeing the chipmunks in action.  They were super cute.

I love a good theme.  I am already starting to think about next year.  What else can three little boys be?  They have already been bugs, knight and dragon, Disney characters, animals.  Oh well.  I am sure it will come to me.  I need to have a few months to convince the kids that this theme is what they really want to be.  It took me two years to convince them of the Chipmunks theme.  Aren't you glad they finally let me have my way?

Here are some of our traveling companions.  We cruised my parent's neighborhood because they don't get many trick or treaters and therefore, give out full size candy bars!

Totally worth the effort of going between the one acre lots in the neighborhood.

Here are some of our pumpkin carving escapades.

This is a close as JJ got to the guts

Boys love the guts

Makai got to carve his own this year.

Tanner's vampire pumpkin

So, Happy Halloween everyone!

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